Get a great workout in today? Your work is only half-done…


Hard work + good nutrition = success, right? Well, nutrition is important of course, but it’s actually a small part of a very critical aspect of fitness: recovery. Doing the WOD’s and eating right are important, but we overlook recovery all too often. Most don’t realize that our gains and improvements from training don’t come when we work out; they come when we allow our bodies to rest, repair, and replenish. Multiple days without properly recovering can ruin all of the work you’ve put into your workouts; it’s that important! In addition to eating right, we must also be aware of sleep, allowing ourselves alone time (meditation), play time, managing healthy relationships, and many, many more. If you want to learn more, two great articles are attached to give great tips about maximizing recovery and a way which you can actually quantify your recovery efforts just like you do for a workout…

Click to access 29_05_Recovery_Nextgen.pdf

Article written by Casey Mouw.

Today’s WOD

25-15-5 to 5-15-25 to 25-15-5
Squat Cleans
Push Press
Wall Balls

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