CrossFit Improves you Fitness for sure…but its much much more.


ThrowBack Week continues…One of our favorite blogs. Posted back in August of last year.

Any updated thoughts?
Anyone that wasn’t at CFSF at that time want to comment?

Whenever I sit down with a prospective CrossFitter in an introductory appointment we obviously talk about goals. General responses are tone up, lose body fat, look and feel better.

I assure everyone that YOUR goals are totally possible and YOU can reach them in a fair amount of time. But CrossFit gives you more than just the physical benefits. I tell everyone CrossFit brings you much much more than fitness results. It improves your confidence, mental toughness, self esteem, you stand taller, it gives you another outlet to an amazing community where friendships are built, and the list goes on and on.

How has CrossFit not only improved your fitness but other aspects of your life?

4 Responses to “CrossFit Improves you Fitness for sure…but its much much more.”

  1. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it over again: CrossFit has literally “given” me my life back. Before CF, I had lost most of my confidence: I was ready to give up on myself, I accepted this new weight as my “new life”, and I was very depressed on the inside.

    Since CF, I have lost the weight, more fit than ever, met great people….people that actually support me instead of looking for the negatives…..and I look at things alot differently! I view life as throwing me challenges that I know I conquer! I admit when I first started CF, I was scared that I would fail miserably and anybody that knows me, knows I have determination….I was scared that wouldn’t even carry me through….that’s how bad my confidence was…I felt like I was failing. After 4 weeks, I finally convinced myself that I was going to be ok. Now, you tell me I can’t accomplish something and you’ll see someone that will work at it just so I can prove to myself that I can and prove to you that you’re wrong! My confidence gets shaken every so often but I jump right out of that pothole in the road and carry on my journey!

    I can finally walk with my head high again! Now my only downfall is that I love working out so much that I do sometimes need the “lectures” to not overdo it because I probably would otherwise! Chris & Annie – from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for bringing CF to Sioux Falls and for making such a HUGE impact on my life, confidence, and fitness!

  2. When I first walked into CrossFit just over 8months ago I was certain that all Chris & Annie saw was a fat, frumpy, mother of 4 who wouldn’t make it through her first workout (or maybe that’s what I thought about myself). Having been in the military I knew that I, at one time, had what it took but had lost the confidence, ability & motivation to make it happen. Over the course of 9yrs … getting married, a miscarriage, having 4 children, moving 3 times & a deployment … I had lost myself completely.
    After just 2 WODs I knew that CrossFit was different, it worked & it was for me! My first two goals were to finish each WOD without passing out & to SEE a difference by the time I hosted my husband’s birthday party 4weeks later. Since then the goals have only gotten bigger & better and my standards higher.
    CrossFit has absolutely changed my life & the lives of my husband & children!!!
    Not only has the obvious happened … I’ve gained incredible amounts of muscle & therefore strength, I’ve lost over 30lbs & have so much more energy!! … but I now have once again found confidence in myself, regained my self-esteem, I hold my head high & stand taller. I am a much better wife & mother. I’m better @ EVERYTHING that I do. I’ve gained an incredible community of friends at Crossfit that believe in me, motivate me & hold me accountable. I am doing & accomplishing things that I never dreamt of trying or doing.
    I will never be able to say enough good about CrossFit. Chris & Annie, thank you for bringing CrossFit to Sioux Falls & thank you CFSF for everything … you’ve changed my life!

  3. Jackie F Says:

    I first walked into CrossFit almost 90 days ago and I was scared to death of failing. I have lost weight several times to only gain it back and more. I have tried every “fast fix” there is over the years but got sick of never getting to eat or of taking pills after pills after pills. I made up my mind after talking with Chris that first day that this place was different than anything I had ever seen. He didn’t try to sell me anything, seemed genuinely concerned about my goals and was so upbeat I couldn’t help but give it a try.

    My goals were to lose the extra thirty pounds I’ve been carrying around over and over for good and to feel better about myself. I remember thinking this time will be for good – no more diet pills or “supplements” – I made up my mind to do it the hard way and make it last a lifetime.

    I have to honestly say, I am totally addicted to CFSF and all the wonderful people there – I am toning up even though I haven’t lost but a couple of pounds and I am getting stronger. My confidence is slowly coming around again and I am so excited to see what I can do – things I never dreamed possible – thank you Chris & Annie!!!

    I have taken it upon myself to adopt the “Stronger” song as my theme song for life now – I have learned to run (and somewhat enjoy it – something I always wanted to do), I even ran the 5K Avera Breast Cancer Run with the CFSF team – something I would have never done before joining here.

    Lastly, I want to tell you what happened to me this morning during the WOD – 100 squats, 20 Burpees for each 10 squats in 30 minutes. I can’t really do burpees – but I do my best (notice I no longer use the word try). I was in a large class and very worried about being the last one done – well I was the last one done – there was one minute left as Cody counted down, and I couldn’t look up – I just wanted to finish my last round before the time ran out. Before I knew what was going on, there were about 6 classmates all cheering me on – it was so cool – I was no longer embarrassed to be last, just determined to not let them down – I finished with 3 seconds to spare!!!

    Thanks Chris and Annie for making this incredible program available to me and all of Sioux Falls – we are all better for it – and I think I finally found my fit!

  4. CrossFit has made a huge impact on my life! I have been going for three months, and I have already seen major changes (fitness, motivation, self-esteem, etc.).

    I am finally going after my dream career (after two years of making excuses)! CrossFit has helped me to see my potential and to believe in myself.

    Thank you so much Chris, Annie and CF Staff!

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