Athlete of the Week – Special Edition

Hey Fitters! There’s a lot going on at CrossFit Sioux Falls these days and many people who deserve some recognition for all their accomplishments. As a result, I have a combined Athlete of the Week post that highlights a few special people and gives you just a small glimpse of their Awesomeness!

Up first…the Silent Assassin…

Brent Carr CrossFit Sioux Falls

Brent Carr from CrossFit Sioux Falls

Brent Carr – CrossFit Total
Last Friday, Brent Carr smashed his own PR’s and went on to set the CrossFit Total overall weight lead with a combined 1045 lbs. In the words of a competitor and friend in the competition “other than being a f-ing Ox, don’t know what to say. Just a great example of being dedicated and letting hard work make a man freaky strong. Nicest guy in the world as well.”

I have come to know Brent over the past weeks and echo those same comments. His positive attitude, willingness to help others and dedication to CrossFit and himself are a great example for others.
Brent, thanks for all you contribute to the CFSF community and we look forward to seeing you take those PR’s continuously higher. Get after it!

Onward….the TEAM…

CrossFit Sioux Falls work in progress made possible by the following team...

Casey Mouw, Michael Brownfield, Matt Byers, Liza Nelson – CrossFit Construction

You all know these guys as your trainers, friends, mentors, and leaders at CrossFit Sioux Falls. What you may not know is starting Friday at 5pm (New Years Eve) through 14 hours on New Years Day and another 10 hours on Sunday these guys Got after It – transforming CrossFit to be ready for our Monday re-launch. In total, we spent 33 hours together as a team.

I could not be more proud to have these guys on our team. Here are just a few reasons why – giving [did I mention they gave up 33 of roughly 48 hours over the New Years weekend], dedication [we could have just painted and laid mats in a hurry, but to do them the absolute best possible way takes time], friendship [Lonestar made for a great New Year’s meal I will not forget]. If you take note, the exact same qualities they give to our members everyday to make them better; they gave us all the same this past weekend as the CrossFit Construction crew.

The culmination for all of us came when members showed up in volume to wrap up and help put the finishing touches on for Monday, but when I left the building Sunday night at 8pm to get my kids home, I turned around one last time and could only smile at the 4 people that remained…Casey, Browny, MattyB and Liza…filling in a white board making sure 5:30 am would be a hit for all of you!
Thank you all for what you give to everyone at CFSF!

…the finale…the Dynamic Duo…

Chris and Annie Mello show off their CFSF picture.

Chris and Annie Mello – CrossFit Sioux Falls

For 2 years this couple dedicated their hearts and passion to launch CrossFit Sioux Falls and turn it into something special. They have changed lives, transformed bodies and built a business and community of which I am proud to be involved.

For many WOD’s I would personally check out the board and see Annie’s time and know to at least double it to get near my finish time. Typically, I failed even at that 2x goal. And the times we did class together, if the workout was 3 rounds, typically by the start of my 2nd round she was done and on to help coaching us remaining athletes.

It took 104 weeks for them to finally make it to Athlete of the Week 😉 but as they transition on to new ventures in their return home to Los Angeles, we wish them all the best and continued success!

…and wrap-up…

So there you have it – AOW Special Edition comes to an end. And as we close, give these Athletes some appreciation for their accomplishments. Post a comment, give ‘em a fist, heck toss a bearhug if you want…just do something show them all how much we appreciate them at CrossFit Sioux Falls!

As for the AOW parking space – to keep you all from crashing into each other or bringing your monster truck to park on top of the other guy, Brent Carr…it’s yours for your AOW CrossFit Total accomplishment – nice work!

6 Responses to “Athlete of the Week – Special Edition”

  1. MattyB "FTS" Says:

    Woot! Congrats to everyone, well except me…that’s just wierd. All very well deserved.

  2. Brent – wow that is simply amazing- jaw dropping really! To the CF coaches Liza, Matty, Browny and Casey thank you for all that you do to tranform us into the athletes we all aspire to be. “Strong is the new skinny” right?!?!

    Finally to Chris and Annie- you have touched my life as well as several others and I am forever greatful. Chris thanks for being someone who listens and inspires me to be better- you have been a great coach but most of all a good friend. Annie, personally thank you for helping me see some of my goals and really helping me to push myself to continuously try and find that “eye of the tiger” (as Chris would say) that you have everytime you start a WOD. You are an amazing athlete (even with a bum shoulder ). You make me see that really anything is possible if you put your mind to it, and if need be there are always modifications to getting yourself to become better and better injury or no injury. Thank you both for introducing cf to the frozen tundra of SD, I wasn’t even sure some of the things I achieved personally at CF were possible. I can’t wait to see what the future in CF has in store for me with all the amazing coaches we have currently, the new improvements and equipment in the box and all those who have paved the way. You two will be greatly missed !

  3. Awesome! Brent is the model of what hard work and consistency does for you. No complaining or questioning what’s asked of him, he just gets after it. Seeing success like his is my favorite part of this ‘job’ of mine. From one redhead to another, thanks Brent!

  4. Nice work Brent! You bring it to every single class…thanks for being a great role model:)

    Thank you to all of the CF trainers for all of your hard work and for making CFSF a great place to work out! I am looking forward to 2011!

    Chris & Annie- thank you for all you have done for J and me. Please know that you have changed our lives in many positive ways and that we are truly grateful. We are extemely luck that we were able to have you as trainers:) You are a fantastic couple, and we wish you the best!

  5. CONGRATS to all!!

    Brent – seriously… way to ROCK OUT the Total last week. You truly are the silent assasin! You earned and deserve the AOW title more than anyone!!

    Chris and Annie – I think I’ve made you aware of my feelings of you moving (has CA fallin into the ocean yet? Someone get on that… STAT… we are running out of time before they leave!!). 🙂 Again, thank you guys for everything. You’ve changed my life for the better. You’ve made me a better person, and I will forever be grateful.

    CFSF Staff- I have such good feelings about this year and what ALL of you are going to bring. Keep up the fantastic job and let’s kick off 2011 with a bang! New snatch PR… why I think so!!

  6. Congrats to BC on AOW and smashing the 1000# mark in the CFTotal. The ginger nation is getting extremely strong…where is the hair dye?

    Looking forward to a great year of working hard and playing hard with the awesome CFSF peeps.

    Breathe…go again…
    Push your neighbor…and compete!


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