Open Gym…now open

Welcome Carmen to the crew

Welcome Carmen to the crew

CrossFit has a lot of movements to learn, and some you just won’t get without putting in some work on the side. Come in and work on: kipping pull-ups, L-sits, rope climbs, double unders, Oly lifts , Strength Work and whatever else! Open Gym time is perfect for: Improvement Training, Skill work, and Active Rest. If you are sore and recovering from a WOD or series of WODs, moving is better than not moving. Come in and go through a dynamic warm up. Spend some time watching some Oly Lifting videos. Have Fun! Play around! Maybe a game of “Stupid Human Tricks” will break out.

Check our class schedule on our site: for Open gym times and to sign up.

Today’s WOD:

July 14

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