Up Your Game and Lower your Times


The never ending goal of CrossFitting.

by Jeff Martin
This is key: How much pain can you eat? When the misery index rises, what do you do? Having a plan helps. Before getting to specifics, here are a couple of general things to do to up your intensity.

The General:

1. Go to an affiliate. I know we are all too expensive and generally not worth it. The workouts are free and we should be too. Sarcasm aside, if you are doing the workouts of the web, the quality of your movement probably is not what it could be. A certified trainer will make sure that you are at least hitting the proper Range of Motion. ROM suffers, right along with you, under duress.

At an affiliate, the trainer will help you maintain ROM, whereas alone in your garage you would let it slide. A certified trainer will teach you the proper mechanics of the movements. Doing the movements correctly is more effective, efficient, and safer. In doing the movements more efficiently and effectively, you will go faster, move heavier weights, and be able to sustain the movement longer. This is both a blessing and a curse.

2. Workout with a group. CrossFit turns fitness into sport. 3-2-1 GO! has a different meaning alone in your garage than it does in a park with a friend or at an affiliate. You want intensity? Do Fight Gone Bad at an affiliate. Men will die for points. There is something about the group dynamic that automatically doubles the intensity.

3. Go to a cert. I remember reading a post from a guy who had been doing the WOD for over a year. He wrote about the cert experience that he had knocked three minutes off his Fran time and discovered what intensity meant.

4. Watch affiliate videos. Look at some of the affiliate videos for inspiration, to see regular folks giving it their all.

5. Resolve not to be a big baby. In our box, we have guys who have been blown up working out next to guys who complain when they stub their toe. Folks who have been shot, next to folks complaining about a hangnail. Who do you think works harder? Who do you think brings the most intensity? Don’t be a big baby; it doesn’t help. We all hurt. Resolve to move forward without complaint. We have a large bottle in our box marked YBF. Spray some on and continue: You’ll Be Fine.

Today;s WOD:

Aug 4

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