Fish Oils and why you need them

Perfect Pushup and some....Great job Jimmy! aka Tasmanian Devil

Perfect Pushup and some....Great job Jimmy! aka Tasmanian Devil

Coming back from the nutrition cert one of the main topics Robb Wolf ( stressed on was the use of Fish oils in our diet.

Fish oils are commonly known for heart and cholesterol health. But that is just a tip of the iceberg.

Fish oils can also supply us with:

-Joint Mobility: Ever had chin splints? Shoulder pains? Neck aches?
-Bone Density: Ever broken or stress fractured a bone? Do you want to?
-Energy and Endurance: Hmmmm, do you do CrossFit:-)
-Lean Muscle Mass
-Mental Health, Wellness and Acuity: Do you know anyone that takes Anti Depressants?
-Eye Health
-Sexual and Hormonal Health: Yep! That’s right:-)

*Recommended usage is anywhere between 0.5g to 1.0 grams per 10lbs of EPA of your bodyweight*

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2 Responses to “Fish Oils and why you need them”

  1. john smolzinskyichson Says:

    wow! that seems like alot of fish oil per day. is this the norm for the average joe or is it more for the crossfitter-type? does he recommend a particular brand of fish oil?

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