CrossFit Improves you Fitness for sure…but its much much more.


Whenever I sit down with a prospective CrossFitter in an introductory appointment we obviously talk about goals. General responses are tone up, lose body fat, look and feel better.

I assure everyone that YOUR goals are totally possible and YOU can reach them in a fair amount of time. But CrossFit gives you more than just the physical benefits. I tell everyone CrossFit brings you much much more than fitness results. It improves your confidence, mental toughness, self esteem, you stand taller, it gives you another outlet to an amazing community where friendships are built, and the list goes on and on.

How has CrossFit not only improved your fitness but other aspects of your life?

Today’s WOD:

Aug 20

3 Responses to “CrossFit Improves you Fitness for sure…but its much much more.”

  1. Even though I am so very new to CF, I already am developing a “I can do anything, if I can do CF” mentality. I have reasons for having joined, too, but it is true- I am getting much more out of CF than what I planned.

  2. This can’t be for real…only 2 people showed up for the 530a workout?!?

  3. I also used Crossfits and i also experience its advantages.

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