October is here…Its a new month…Lets set our New Goals!

Sometimes we don't even know what our goals are. Think about it. Like Kelsie is:-)

Sometimes we don't even know what our goals are. Think about it. Like Kelsie is:-)

I love a new month!

Last month 8 of us started off the month right, by setting 3 big goals for the month. So Heather, Sharese, Jimmy, Kimberly G, Jeri, Liza, Amanda: How did you do? Did you hit your goals? What is the update?

Goals are the internal driving force that is going to drive us harder, push us to a higher level.

So lay it out there…Set 3 more new goals for the month of October. Lets hear it!

12 Responses to “October is here…Its a new month…Lets set our New Goals!”

  1. This may sound crazy or unrealistic or maybe it doesn’t but my goals are:

    1) Be down to orange/black bands for pullups
    2) 35lb KBs for the entire workout
    3) Improve on strength, overall

  2. how awesome to look back!!!
    last months goals:
    1. 5K this weekend – met and actually ran 2 5K’s in Sept
    2. continue with weight loss – only down 2 to 4 lbs, but at least i’m not up!
    3. pull-ups with less or no resistance – planning on doing my baseline in the next week with no bands

    still working on goals for October.
    thanks crossfit for all you do!!!

  3. Goal update (Sept goals):
    1. Commitment- My commitment to CF and 3x/wk is much better. I could dramatically tell the difference going only 2x per week.
    2. Attitude- Staying strong and telling myself to “just get it done” EVERY time I workout is improving. I am nervous at CF, but that is getting better as I improve.
    3. Full potential- Working hard EVERY time and the WHOLE time! I still struggle here- I have much more to give often and I am selling myself short when I don’t do this.

    OCT goals:
    1. Cont on the mental goals above. With most of the emphasis on full potential EVERY time!
    2. Continue to implement paleo into my life. I feel much better, but need to be better at following it all the way as I think I would have even better results.
    3. Weight loss- I am still not seeing what I want to here. I look better and things fit better, but I am not seeing the results that I want.

    • Sharese – trust me….follow Paleo and do CF and you’ll be amazed! I am going on almost 19lbs lost in 10 wks of being at CF and I contribute it to Paleo and CF! I’ve invented a new “moon walk”….but it’s from my pants being too big now 🙂

  4. Goals for October:
    1. Continue to use the Palio Diet as my reference when eating…with this continue to lose weight.
    2. Adding more weight for overhead exercises
    3. Doing it 100% and BELIEVING!!!!!

  5. These are awesome guys! Keep setting your goals high, nothing is ‘crazy’ if you continue to believe in it. Keep working hard, staying consistent, and being positive–the benchmarks you want to reach will come. Posting your goals like this will help as well, the more people in our CF community know about your goals, the more support you have.
    Keep up the great work; day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month and beyond…

  6. My goal was more general….i just wanted to amp up the intensity (which I think I did for the most part). I think that translates into the kind of mindset I “chose” to have when I walk into the box. It’s the difference between choosing the 35 lbs or 55 lbs kettlebell….or doing a sloppy pushup versus perfect form pushup…etc….and by no means have i achieved this yet (because I think it’ll be a life-long pursuit) and that is the beauty of CrossFit. You can tackle these mental obstacles everyday. Even in CrossFit the saying, “take the road less travelled” can apply.

    *specific’ish goals
    1) i want to get through Fran with minimal resting
    2) i want to increase my press, push press, thruster weight (lifting weights overhead is one of my many weaknesses that i want to improve on)
    3) gotta get more strict with my diet – i do pretty well but when your friends and family are not as diet-conscious as you are it’s so easy to fall back into the garbage food mode (so i guess i’ll have to ditch my family and friends….hehehe…kidding) 🙂

  7. 1) Going to start documenting my workouts
    2) Increasing from 35 to 55lb. KB swings
    3) Decreasing pullup bands from purple and working on kipping.

  8. 1. Read my new Paleo for Athletes book and get focused on eating better.
    2. Complete WOD’s with no bands on pullups!
    3. Get at least one WOD in at Crossfit San Antonio next week.

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