“Angry Gorilla” Leads to Perfect Deadlift Form

Look at Cody doing a perfect deadlift!

Look at Cody doing a perfect deadlift!

In my experience the deadlift is one of the most difficult exercises to achieve perfect form, especially with a max load and various repetitions. I have struggled myself with this exercise, and after struggling with a back injury I wasn’t sure I’d be able to deadlift in Workout any longer. I have seen people start out with good form, but as the workout wears on the most common mistake is to forget about your legs and start using your back as fatigue sets in.

After attending the CrossFit Kids certification, I had an eye opening experience!!! Teach adults the same you would teach the kids, and that is where the term “Angry Gorilla” came to be known. When instructing kids you need to break it down make it relate as simple as possible, and they understand the movements better.

I instructed my first workout after the kids certification, and had the adults get into an “Angry Gorilla” to prep for their deadlift. Low and behold, across the board every single person in my class did a perfect deadlift! As the workout went on as people’s form started to slip I would yell out “Angry Gorilla” and BOOM they would automatically fix themselves back to perfect form. The next day no one complained about back aches, just booty aches (which is what I love to hear)!!! So for all of you sloppy deadlifters here is the most simplistic way to correct your problem:

Take a wide stance (sumo stance) and make your hands into a fist. Bring your fists down to the ground in between your feet. Lower the hips and raise your chest (just like a deadlift) and look like an ‘angry gorilla.’ Swing your arms forward and place them far in front of you. While keeping a nice back position, place all your weight on your hands and swing your body forward. Assume the angry gorilla stance and reset the back. Continue moving forward for the designated distance.

Here is a link to the CrossFit Journal on the Deadlift, which highlights the Angry Gorilla stance:

Written by: Annie Mello

Today’s WOD:

Oct 15

2 Responses to ““Angry Gorilla” Leads to Perfect Deadlift Form”

  1. Korena Chester Says:

    I luv being an angry gorilla now! 🙂 It absolutely helped me, anyway!

  2. so glad i finally got to be an angry gorilla today!!! great workout!

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