The New Month is Upon Us…Let’s get a Jump Start. Time to Recap and Reset » Oct 30

2 Responses to “Oct 30”

  1. Last month I started the Paleo book, finished multiple WOD’s with no bands on pullups and got 2 WOD’s in at Alamo Crossfit in San Antonio. I’m still eating junk so that’s my big focus this month! Goals for Nov:
    1. One all-Paleo meal per day
    2. Get in 3 hotel WOD’s and 1 at Ultimate Crossfit in Charlotte per week I’m there this month.
    3. Stretch after every WOD!
    No excuses!!

  2. 1. Stop taking so many breaks during the WOD’s.
    2. Go down one band color from the purple band on pull-ups.
    3. Make it to 5 crossfit workouts each week even if that means getting up and being there by 6:30 in the morning occasionally.

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