Athlete of the Week

Goooooo Sharese!!!

Sharese has always been a major CrossFit Crusader ever since she started. She is now becoming a CrossFit warrior too. She works HARD, spreads the CrossFit word like crazy and is a heck of a person.

She is all about helping others and sharing her successes to help the newbies.

Sharese we appreciate everything you do.

Keep on ROCKIN IT!

9 Responses to “Athlete of the Week”

  1. Congrats Sharese! Keep up the great work!!

  2. Great Job!! Keep it up!

  3. Korena Chester Says:

    Awesome job, Sharese! Keep up the good work!

  4. Great job Sharese! Keep up the great attitude and the awesome work!

  5. woot-woot! you are a rockstar!! keep it going lady – congrats!

  6. Awesome job Sherase! Well deserved, you always put your best on the line! Keep it up!

  7. Oh girl, yes you deserve this! You are so committed to your workouts with CrossFit, you spread the word about CrossFIt because of your belief in it, you have an amazing attitude and you radiate positive light when you’re around all! We’re all so fortunate to know you. Thank you for all you do! You make a difference!

  8. YOU ROCK Sharese! You are awesome to work out with; love your smile, attitude and determination! Keep it up – by next spring you’ll be craving a 5 or even 10K run! 🙂

  9. Congrats Sharese!!!

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