We Have a Very Good Friend Making Some Noise Up North

Alright CFSF we have a Bitter/Sweet Situation:

Bitter: As most of you know we recently have lost Garrett Strating:-(

Sweet: While it sucks that we do not have the pleasure of having his awesome spirit, energy, work ethic and positivity around us any longer, it is great that he is moving up North and spreading the good word of CrossFit.

In my opinion there is no one better suited to create a very similar AWESOME CrossFit community that we have than Garrett. We will keep you updated with his status on the happenings of a future CrossFit Fargo/CrossFit 701…or whatever evolves up there in the arctic:-)

Garrett is officially linked to our blog roll on the right.

The link is: http://crossfitingfargo.blogspot.com/

Go get em G! We are here to support you 100%.

8 Responses to “We Have a Very Good Friend Making Some Noise Up North”

  1. First and foremost I can’t stress enough that i would not and could not have come as far as i have without Chris, Annie, and everyone who is and has been involved with CrossFit Sioux Falls. Although I have relocated to Fargo, Sioux Falls and CFSF will eternally be my home away from home (i’ve spent more time there than anywhere else in the last year)! It’s going to be a busy Winter/Spring but if all pans out the way i’d like, you guys will have a sister Affiliate in Fargo, ND soon!!!

    Check out my BLOG and stay in touch as i would love to hear from any/everyone!!! See you guys soon!!!


  2. Garrett!

    I’ve always admired your strength and dedication. What I miss most is working out with you. You always pushed me to do better and give it my all. Although I miss you here Fargo is lucky to have you! You are going to do great in Fargo. They won’t know what hit them. I admire you for going out an making your dream come true. I’m so thankful to join CFSF when I did, it’s a great family and it gave me the opportunity to get to know you! Good Luck and I’ll talk with you soon!

  3. This is awesome news, Garrett! You always brought great energy to CFSF and made it a welcoming place for anyone who shared a WOD with you! Good Luck with your new adventure!

  4. Good luck Garrett!! I think it is awesome that you are starting CrossFit up in Fargo. You will do amazing things for a lot of really cold people up there! It’s been great working out with you and I wish you all the best. 🙂

  5. G,

    Congratulations on making this happen. I have no doubt that you will create an atmosphere up there that will change a lot of people’s lives.

    Like Mary said, I will miss working out with you at CFSF because you brought so much intensity, but I feel an awesome roadtrip in our future to come see the new spot in the great white north!

    Best wishes, buddy!

  6. Congrats on the move – you will & have been missed. Every time I worked out with you I feel like pushed myself 100X more. You are such a great source of inspiration and are always there to motivate the rest of us! You will do great – I know there are big things in store for you! I wish you luck… but you don’t need it – you have skill, drive & determination!!!

  7. Awesome–go get ’em, Garrett!

  8. I was lucky to have gotten the opportunity to work out with you as well and as everybody else has said, you will be missed!! Your attitude, determination, skill and drive has lifted many of us to strive to have those same traits. You’re a great inspiration and I know you will do awesome!! Good luck!!

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