Voices in Your Head During “The WOD”

Fun Times with "Angie"
ThrowBack #5: Cool Pic from “Angie” in May 2009

“CrossFit is HARD!!!”, Jim Leyse

What are YOUR thoughts during a WOD?…How do you talk to in your head to get you through the WOD?
-Do you count down? Count Up?
-Do you yell at yourself? Encourage yourself? Are you your best cheerleader?
-Do you cuss?
-Do you look at where others in the class are at?
-Do you worry about being 1st vs. Last?
-Do you breathe???
-Do you cheat??? Or do you want to and don’t?
-Do you worry about the coach coming over to check you?

What are YOUR thoughts that surround YOUR head during a WOD? Tell us.

Happy Friday!

16 Responses to “Voices in Your Head During “The WOD””

  1. Sharese Says:

    -I count down and count up
    -I yell at myself, encourage myself and can be my own worst cheerleader
    -I cuss (and pray)
    -I glance at others, but not to compete- to keep up
    -I don’t worry about being first, but don’t want to be last
    -I don’t even know if I breath…. obviously not all the time
    -I think a lot about cheating πŸ™‚ But have never- even though I always say I am going to πŸ™‚ (Give credit for that one to my parents for raising an honest kids that just can’t do it) πŸ™‚
    -I worry about the coach coming over- sometimes wish they would and sometimes wish I would just be overlooked

  2. Kimberly Says:

    Pretty sure this week should be called “Throw Up Week” not “Throw Back”! Good gravy it has been a tough one
    But….I kinda like it:)

  3. Chris L Says:

    The one thing that goes through my head during a tough workout is “3:10 for Boston”. Right now that is all I need to worry about is qualifing for the Boston Marathon. That is my goal. Pushing myself during a WOD is going to help me achieve that. 3:10 3:10 3:10

  4. Fun blog!!

    -I count up and normally by 5’s. Always split things up by some sort of “fives”
    -I try to be my best cheerleader, normally call myself names though
    -I cuss outloud. Sorry to those that have had to endure an F-bomb that has been yelled…
    – I normally try to watch where other people are at combared to myself. Normally try to be one of the “first out” on runs. And there are some I try to keep up with but know I will never be able to.
    – I love being the first one done (who doesn’t) and try not to be the last – unless I’m doing the WOD RX’d – then I know that time doesn’t matter (at least at this point for me)
    – I’m always being told to breathe so I’m going to have to say no, I don’t breath.
    -I don’t cheat on purpose but I’m a terrible counter so it may have happened. Normally if I lose count I try to “make up” and probably do more.
    – I don’t mind the coaches yelling – prefer it.

  5. I cuss a lot but at myself I guess trying to get myself to keep going.
    I pray that when the coach comes over I am doing it right.
    I could care less if I am the first one done just as long as I complete it.
    I try to keep from throwing up, and hope that the skin stays on my hands.
    I must be breathing.
    Most people also think that I sweat alot but to be honset it is my body crying!!!
    But like everyone else no matter how hard the W.O.D. is I keep coming back for more…..I love the box.

  6. Cassie Mills Says:

    For me it depends on the day and the WOD!!! If I am really concentrating on a heavy lift I have to get angry to channel energy and I push everyone else in the gym out of my head. It often leads to internal cussing! Most of the time I am counting up (or down which ever seems smaller). I do push myself for good WOD times to increase stamina! I don’t cheat because that is only cheating myself in the end. And of course I have to tell myself to breathe because I am good at forgeting!!

  7. Great concept for a post. The voices in my head during a WOD are:
    1) What number am I on?
    2) I should have ate more (or less)!
    3) Eminem: “Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity
    To seize everything you ever wanted-One moment
    Would you capture it or just let it slip?”
    4) DON’T PUKE!

  8. Natalie M. Says:

    -My thoughts during a WOD:

    -I count up until I’m almost there. Then I count down. Apparently my brain can trick my body into thinking this strategy makes it easier.

    -I do yell at myself. I might even call myself a name. But then I feel bad for being mean to me, so I call Chris a name instead (only in my head though…don’t tell him).

    -I don’t worry so much about being last…I don’t like it, but if it happens, I know I will get over it and move on. I DO worry about being first, because I have to wonder what I did wrong and if I mis-counted.

    -I know I breathe…I just don’t think I do it “right”. One thing is for sure though; it is sooooo much easier to remember to breathe when you’re actually awake!

    -I cuss sometimes. I feel the urge to get in out here only because I heard this rumor one time that swearing isn’t allowed in heaven.

    -I look at others in the class. Mostly just so I don’t get run over or run over someone else on my dash to the pull up bar.

    -cheating is bad. But so is lying. So…yes, when I first started, I cheated a couple times. Then one day, I realized that the only thing I was cheating was myself. So…I don’t cheat (on counts) anymore. If it is A LOT of stuff, like pull ups…I add an extra band. Or A LOT of thrusters (like 100 for instance), I’ll drop my weight. (Is that considered cheating?)

    -I don’t worry “about” the coaches. I worry “for” the coaches. Muhahahahahahahaha

  9. – I typically count up.
    – I definitely yell at myself in my own mind but I encourage myself as well.
    – I do cuss occasionally but all internally…yesterday (thrusters) was a perfect example and I channeled my frustration/pain into my workout!
    – I’m aware of others around me but for the most part, I’m in my own “zone”
    – If I finish 1st, I tend to think that I could have done more weight (if it’s a weight wod)…don’t like to be last either.
    – Most times, I do breathe, yes πŸ™‚ But I find myself to hold my breath sometimes too
    – If I do cheat, it is never intentional! I don’t believe in cheating because you only cheat yourself and will never get better. I always try to push myself.
    – Only when it’s thrusters πŸ™‚ Actually, I do like the coaches to come over and check on me and yell at me if I’m NOT doing form correctly! If I’m not squatting deep enough….yell at me! If I’m not doing something to my full potential….YELL AT ME!!! That’s my motivation as I’ll never get upset with you for yelling at me! πŸ™‚

    Thoughts surrounding my head at times are “I hope I can do this workout”. Again, the 100 thruster workout was a perfect example…I was in pain, started hyperventilating a little so I simply walked away for a min or so and thought I was done, but ran cold water over my arm, told myself “I’m not a quitter, dammit!”, million thoughts and encouragement went through my brain at that moment, I came back and finished it when I could have easily given up! I have to say: it was a great feeling knowing I didn’t give up and came back to finish what I started! Thanks for all the fellow CF cheering me on too…it helped keep me going!

  10. Winners Never Cheat

    The few seconds/moments before the clock starts is always the very worst

    I don’t really think during the WOD, that’s the great thing, seperation from the “outside world”. Concentration on getting through that rep..for some reason it isn’t the physical strength that I’m thinking about, it’s my mental toughness

    I need that coach in my face, pushing pushing pushing,

    Oh the language I rip myself with, would make my mama cry :-)…

    Doesn’t it hurt soooo good!!!

  11. Justyna Says:

    Sure, i hear voices in my head…i hope i dont look like pukey the clown after this workout…wait i probably will πŸ™‚


    i always try to count down- it makes it seem closer to the finish and pushes me more. I think, i hope Jillian..i mean Chris comes over and yells in my face “come on J! feel the burn, don’t stop!” It’s the best and the worst all rolled into one. I also need that push, cuz otherwise it’s really easy to doubt myself and think that i just can’t finish those 100 squats. And yes, i do swear, maybe i shouldn’t…but i do.

    i’ve only been at crossfit a total of 8 sessions- but it’s been the best worst feel so good it hurts 8 workouts of my life!!! love it- thank you!

  12. Lately I’ve started thinking about this line from a movie about survival I like. “What one man can do another can do.” I don’t know if I totally believe it but I kinda let it echo through my head from time to time during the last few workouts.

  13. -I most of the time count down.
    -I do yell at myself a lot.
    -I want to cuss and yell but I try and hold it in so no one has to hear it!
    -I look around occasionally but I don’t worry about if they are going to get done before me.
    – I don’t worry about being last, because I do my best and give it my all and that is all that matters:)
    -If I do cheat, it’s never intentional!
    -I try to always remind myself to breath expecially in running WOD’s
    -I don’t mind the coaches yelling at me! It makes me push myself harder:)
    -Thanks Crossfit for everything you guys do:)

  14. Jackie F Says:

    -In most every WOD I count down, and will break it into fives or tens (depends on how many we are doing).
    -Cussing is definitely something I do but I try to keep it to myself (since Chris told me I can’t pop my gum, cussing takes its place sometimes).
    -I yell at myself – but most of the time I tell myself “you will only get out of this what you put into it” and “don’t you dare quit – think of how disappointed you will be”
    -I refuse to cheat because I only cheat myself and that wouldn’t feel good – the one time early on I didn’t finish all the pushups and moved on, I finished them at home cuz I felt so guilty.
    -I do look around but am in my own world – as much as I never want to be last cuz I feel like everyone is watching me – it has happened and I got over it.
    -I love that the coaches are paying attention to my form and that they seem to know what motivates me (and some are using it to make me work harder – CHRIS – thanks!!)
    -Breathing? Sometimes…
    -My favorite thing to tell myself is “Look how far you’ve come!! Now shut up and keep working!”

  15. Tracy K Says:

    I always count up. Usually in groups of 10 or 5. I never intentionally cheat. When the numbers get really high (I’ll use the example of 100 thrusters), then it’s very hard to keep track, especially if the WOD has various moves going on (like pullups, pushups and squats in that 100 thrusters). I often start the next round and think to myself… didn’t I already do number 67 already?? When I’m not sure, but think I may have… then I say “oh well” and keep going with the lower number. What’s 3 or 4 more thrusters when you are already doing 100?

    I shake myself a lot (if you didn’t notice). If we’re doing pullups, I will constantly shake out my arms while telling myself (a lot of times outloud) “Tracy… get back up there, only 3 left…. only 3 left… you can do this.” If it’s a clean or snatch, etc… i usually walk away from the bar and walk in a small circle, then focus on an outlet on the wall and mumble “Tracy… don’t linger at the bar… don’t think about it, just go over and DO IT” and I usually do this little circle walk while physically “shaking” out my legs and hands. It’s almost like I shake my extremities to move all the fear and anxiety out of them and to help me refocus.

    I like it when the trainers come up to me… especially if they give me suggestions to make it easier or make my form better. The trainers are here to HELP, not harrass and I think our trainers do a great job. Sometime you need someone yelling 3-2-1-GO to get your focus back if you’re nano-second rest is taking too long. πŸ™‚

  16. I almost always count up, unless I have 10 reps left then I will switch and count down. The first round always seems the hardest for me so after it is over I tell myself now I can relax and just get it done. When I’m struggling through something that’s tough ie. burpees, I set goals for myself, I have to complete at least 10 before I can shake it out and if I’m struggling with the 10 I tell myself to slow it down and just keep moving. If the WOD is long and looks hard I tell myself to keep an even pace no matter what anyone else is doing.
    Don’t ever want to let myself or my team-mates down by cheating.
    I used to get anxious about being last, occassionally I notice that same anxiety, when I realize it I tell myself it doesn’t matter ’cause this is my “character builder” workout, completing every rep, doing the best I can, and feeling great when it’s done. Am coming to enjoy these workouts even more than my “confidence builder” workouts were I come in the lead ’cause it’s more of a challenge. Thanks Kim Davis for inspiring me; letting me know that being last is sometimes being the best!!
    Love the coaches coming over, love the yelling, definitely want to know if I need to correct my form…don’t ever stop!!!

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