CFSF Rules to Live By…The CFSF 10 Commandments!

Mary and Bolge Strategizing pre-WOD

This is one of the greatest “Goal” questions I have ever heard, “If you knew exactly what it would take win (hit all of your health and fitness goals), when would you do it?”

Let’s take a self evaluation check right now…Stop whatever you are doing for a minute and ask yourself these very important questions:

-How long have I been doing CrossFit?
-What are MY Goals? Not the B.S. lose weight, get fit, blah, blah, blah…No REALLY, what are my REAL goals?***Do you even have goals?…If you don’t you are in trouble:-0
-Have I done everything in my power to get to MY goals?

So what if I told you if you could follow a list…a very simple list, you could achieve those goals…GUARANTEED, NO MATTER WHAT, NO DOUBT ABOUT, WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT, GET IT DONE EVERYTIME!!! Well herrrrre you go:

1-Do CrossFit 5 days a week: Now don’t get me wrong, if you do 3 days a weeks currently you are on a great plan and building a foundation for success, you will get a ton a of results, but I will be honest this will not get you bulletproof, life changing, earthshattering results!
***Reason why this is #1 versus nutrition/sleep or any of the other ones is because in our opinion everything begins and ends with your WODs, you will be much more motivated and accountable if and when you begin the habit of a 5 day a week WOD program.

2-Adopt a Paleo/Primal eating lifestyle: It’s all about performance, a lean bodyfat, and building and maintaining muscle mass (that’s right ladies MUSCLE! Don’t worry muscle make you look like Annie and not Nicole BASS) What you eat will dictate up to 80% of how you look and how you will feel. It’s that simple. If you don’t know where to start: Do these 3 things:
-Read the Paleo Diet and Primal Blueprint
-Start attending our PaleoHolics class
-Cook, cook, cook, you MUST be able to cook to succeed. If you don’t cook or don’t like to, then suck it up and learn how to do it and like it! Nobody was born a cooker we all started from Day 1.

3-Sleep: Ahhhhhh! I know, I know…I don’t have time to sleep! I work, I have kids, I can’t go to bed early, I have trouble sleeping…blah blah blah…yaddy yadda ya
Listen up sleeping is a habit, just like breathing, starting a CrossFit program, changing your diet, etc etc. If it’s hard for you it’s because you haven’t been doing for a really long time. And with that it is going to be a hard maybe long adjustment, but you can do it. There are plenty of tricks, habits and things you can do to change that. We will provide more of this at a later blog. But for now, google, wikipedia, research it.

4-Drink ALOT of Water: Think about this one logically. If our body is made up of 78%ish of water and if we breathe, move a single muscle, walk, talk, sleep, WOD, blink our eyes, go to the bathroom, sweat we will use that water. My guess is you will NEED to replenish that multiple times a day if you plan on doing more of it.

5-Get YOUR Family and Friends involved: I know, this can be a tough one. We can only invite, suggest, persuade and encourage them but it is on them to go. At least express to them that this is very important to you (this would also be a good time to tell and explain to them YOUR REAL Goals) and when they see you looking, feeling and acting more plesant they will do 1 of 2 things: they will like the new you better than the old you or they will ask about it and want to check out whatever you are doing. The reality is if you involve important people in your life with CrossFit and Paleo they will help hold you accountable and you will help hold them accountable…it’s a WINWIN:-) It’s also really cool to share this AWESOME stuff with loved ones.

Look out for a future post of the 6-10.
*These are in order BTW*

Now some of you are like, “Well Chris, I already do that…DO YOU? And some of you might say, “Damn Chris, that is HARD! There is NO way I can do that.” Then Recco (i.e. Chris Mello) says, “Well why can so and so do it and you can’t? and “How come this person that has less money, less time, more kids, a crappier car, less athletic ability, How come she is getting it done (results/following the plan) and YOU aren’t!?

Hey I said they were simple…not easy:-)

So, how do you stack up with the first 5 Commandments? Any thoughts? Please post.

This Week’s Announcements and Events Upcoming:

All Saturday Classes are Park WODs: Join us at Spellberg Park for 830a, 930a, and 1030a followed by a Post WOD BBQ.
Nancy 7 Week Challenge Announced: Prelim’s June 26th, Finals Aug 14th. Open to ALL LEVELS. Sign up at the Box
CrossFit Teens: starts next week!!! Inquire within

14 Responses to “CFSF Rules to Live By…The CFSF 10 Commandments!”

  1. 5 – You adapt the habits of those you associate with, that may be the biggest mantra of my life!!!

    4,3,2,1 – If it is important enuf to you, you will do it!!! And if it were easy, everyone would be doing it!!!

    My goals are ever changing. I admit I sometimes get caught up in doing CrossFit to be good CrossFit, rather than to get better at other things like marathon times, Ironman attempt, or just less upper back pain, better life-long posture and less stress (or at least handle it better), where fit=healthy and just everyday living. Most important to me is setting a great life-style example for my kiddos!!!

    How many times does Casey have to tell me “Don’t talk about it, be about it”!!!

  2. michele Says:

    hum… well hubby won’t allow #1, and my diet is pretty set to what I believe is best for me. sleep and water I get an A+. I work very hard to get my family on my track and have had wonderful results from my girls. hubby on the other hand… well let’s jut say i’m still working on it.

  3. Jackie F Says:

    Well… I thought I knew what my goals were but, now I have to re-evaluate cuz I really do want to lose weight and have the curvy arms and wear smaller jeans and all the ther BS. =) But I also have other goals like waking up in the morning and feeling confident about who I am and showing my kids I can get into shape – THIS IS FOR ME!!!

    As for the first 5 commandments:

    1. I have been doing 5 days a week at the box for over a month now and truly love it – I have even began running one of the days I don’t go.

    2. Paleo/Primal – working hard at this but not 100% yet – I can’t wait to see the results when I get to 100%.

    3. Sleep – man, I sleep more now than I ever have and I am going to bed earlier cuz I don’t wanna miss my morning WOD – (I never had this sickness before hee hee hee).

    4. Drink A LOT of Water – working on this too – I probably get 8 glasses a day but still feel the need for more.

    5. Family & Friends – most of them think I’m crazy and they just don’t understand what we’re all about – one of my best friends is doing this with me and she gets it – for the others – I’m so sorry they are missing out – but I will never quit!!!

    I no longer use the word “try” I have wiped it from my vocabulary – THANKS!!

  4. Beyers, you need to update the twitter status…’Nicole Bass, that’s 100% Grade-A beef.’

    MB brings up a great point, ‘if it were easy, everyone would do it.’ bottom line with most all of this stuff, you get out of it what you put into it (ie. DON’T HALF-ASS IT)

  5. Jackie F Says:

    Please DON’T make me look like Nicole Bass….. please…. please….

  6. Well, I have to say looking @ 1-5, I think I’m doing quite well … far from perfect … but quite well. 🙂
    1. I’ve done 5/week for most of my time @ Crossfit however didn’t find the time to get there that often for a few weeks recently. I made it 4x last week, am signed up for 6x this week & am back on the wagon.
    2. I’ve also fallen off a bit on diet part but for the most part am following Paleo. I jumped back in just last week & am feeling so much better!!
    3. Sleep … I don’t always get as much sleep as I should but do find that I’m sleeping more since I started Crossfit.
    4. I am drinking LOTS of water!
    5. So far, my kids, husband, sister & several friends have joined me @ Crossfit. I talk about it ALL the time & won’t stop!

    If I stop & think about it I’m met most, if not all, of my initial goals. So, its time to set some new ones!!! 🙂

  7. Great responses. I love MB’s comments. My goals are higher now that I started Crossfit. I am only a part-timer, but is nice to have exercise as one of my top priorities in my life again. Job, kids, family, dogs suck a lot of energy out of me. Crossfit is the challenge I needed. Now I schedule in my workouts each day, whether it is Crossfit, running, taking the dogs out, or excercising with the family. The eating part of Crossfit is a tough one for me. I was already a meat, fruit, vegetable eater, but I need to concentrate on getting the rest of the crap out of my diet. I think the diet part will be my obstacle. Sleep – no problem. Water – need a little bit more. Family – I so want my hubby to try out Crossfit. I want him to understand why I love it, plus I think it is exactly what he needs. Someday…..

  8. Tracy K Says:

    Goals… I try to make my goals achievable and they consistently change. If my goal is to win the lottery… well then I’d always be bummed, so I make my goals small, but obtainable, like finally nailing those dang double unders, running a 5K, doing unassisted pullups, and Rx-ing WODs. These may seem like small goals in life… but when I finally can do them or finish a challenging WOD and feel good about myself… then it makes me feel like I can accomplish ANYTHING I set my mind too when I’m outside of a gym.

    #1 – Done
    #2 – ehhh… this is give and take. I’m traveling for work right now and eating horrible. Who would have thought that I wished I was home because I miss my home-made salads and non-restuarant meals!
    #3 – Getting better. I try to be asleep by 11 PM every night. Fewer late nights at work makes this easier.
    #4 – I’ve been struggling with this most of my life. I’m the most dehydrated person I know (I wish I could get an IV everyday!). But… I cut out soda about a year ago, which helps force me to drink more water and tea.
    #5 – My family has always thought I was crazy about being so active, but they are use to it by now. And as of my friends… well I just drag them along to the box with me. 🙂

  9. jody Gilbertson Says:

    Who the heck is Nicole Bass and why don’t we want to look like her?

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