Want to Get Away but Still Want to WOD it Up?

Summer may not be here officially, but it is definitely in full swing. The kids are out of school, the weather is FINALLY Great, and memorial weekend is approaching this weekend.

We understand and encourage everyone to get out of town, go on a trip, visit family and friends, and just plain enjoy life. We do not encourage you to throw in the towel, forget and stop your workouts. Health and fitness is a life style not a job, absolutely take rest days, a week off every 6 six months, but never “take a break” (the entire summer off) from working out.

Recently we just updated a “Traveling??? CrossFit WODs on the go” file. Simply click on that link and whenever and where ever you are you can stay on the plan!

Tell us how you stay on track and motivated when you travel or leave town.

What WODs do you do?
Do you plan your WODs in advance?
Give the rest of us some ammo!

The link below is a great video of how to WOD in a hotel gym. Highlight it and copy and paste and watch. Enjoy!


One Response to “Want to Get Away but Still Want to WOD it Up?”

  1. I travel every so often for work and one of the first things I think about is: “what will I do for a wod while I’m down there?” and “did I pack enough workout clothes?” I have my own set of dumb bells and generally bring those with and do push presses and sometimes turkish getups. I also do pushups, situps, swim, and use the dreaded gym equipment, if I have time. But I always have a plan in mind because I do find I get crabby if I don’t get my workout fix! An example hotel WOD for me may be: 50 DB push presses, 100 situps, 50-100 pushups, swim for an hour (typically 4-6 laps). Then I’ll rest for an hr or so and maybe do another 100 situps with either more pushups or some squats.

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