Attitude of a Champion

When you CrossFit you are and do much more than your average person. It takes a certain kind of person with a certain kind of attitude to go through the kind of WODs we do. I am always fascinated with the human potential and what we can do. Not only physically, but mentally, to continually push ourselves to the next level. Below are 5 crucial characteristics to do such that…Enjoy and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

The Winner’s Circle by Denis Waitley

If the five Olympic rings were attitudes of champions in every profession, these five attitudes would be prominent in the mindset of the peak performer:

1. Paying the Price — Everyone wants to win, but few are willing to invest the time and effort. Paying the price means focusing on developing the skills and training regimen of champions – observation, imitation, repetition and the internalization of knowledge into habits; also, learning why and how to go the extra mile and seeing success as a marathon, not a dash. Champions view failures as temporary inconveniences and learning experiences.

2. The Olympian Within — Winners believe in their worth in advance of their performance. Most people base their worth on their current status or achievement level, which means that until they are judged successful by society’s standards, they have little to be proud of. Champions believe in their dreams when they have only a dream to hang on to, even in the face of criticism and superior achievements by others.

3. Non-situational Integrity — Authentic, lasting winners have an uncompromising attitude about self-honesty. They function according to an “integrity triangle”, consisting of three basic questions: (a) Are my beliefs based upon truth? (b) Do my words and actions correspond with truth and honesty? (c) Before I speak or act, do I honestly consider the impact of my decision on other people and the environment?

4. The “Coachability” Factor — Champions are always open to alternatives to improve their performance. Consistent winners are not the arrogant egotists who dominate the media spotlight. The most successful individuals in the game of life are often the most approachable, most gracious, non-judgmental with others and most critical of their own performances, as well as most eager to learn and improve.

5. Being a Team Player — a team in harmony is synergy in motion, where the whole is greater than the sum of the individual talents. When all assignments are understood, when each takes 100 percent responsibility for the outcome, a quantum leap in performance takes place. Winners learn how to become interdependent, without sacrificing individuality; how to stand out, while fitting in.

So its self check time; what out of the 5 characteristics to you have? What one’s do or want to work on? Tell Us.

Cody B

2 Responses to “Attitude of a Champion”

  1. Courtney Says:

    I like this one, good blog Cod Man

  2. Great post! I admit that I definitely don’t view myself as a “champion” but I feel I possess a form of almost all the characteristics listed.

    1) Paying the price: I definitely haven’t got where I’m at without hard work and practice! When I’m given advice on my form, I go home and practice. Practiced DB Push Presses Monday when I got home, in fact! I fall in a pothole, I get back up and brush myself off…it’s just dirt to me.
    2) Olympian within: I see others that can lift more than me, for example, and even though I may struggle, I don’t let that stop me from try try again! I remind myself of MY goals and focus on that instead.
    3) Non-situational integrity: I consider myself a genuine person. I believe in honesty and my biggest problem is even though people may see me as a complete goof, I sometimes care “too much” about people so if I’ve ever offended anybody, I promise it was never intended (and sorry!). 🙂
    4) Coachability Factor – I’m in heaven when the coaches give me something to work on. I’m always looking for ways to improve and do critique my performance after such as what I could have done different and what I need to work on.
    5) Being a Team Player: by nature, I’ve always considered myself a team player. I believe everybody has their strengths and weaknesses. By being a team player, you are only strengthening you! You get out of a team what you put into it!

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