Welcome Aboard MBooms!

We are excited to announce that Mary E. BOOMsma is our latest addition to the decorated staff of CrossFit Sioux Falls.

Her CrossFit Resume speaks for itself:
-She was a member of our 2010 CFSF FTS Affiliate Team
-She is a member of CFSF PaleoHolics
-She is certified with his CrossFit Level 1
-She is certified with her CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting
-She is a student of CrossFit and is always finding ways to improve herself and is one of the first to lend a helping hand with anyone that wants to take their fitness and CrossFit to the next level.

Read her story below…

Over the past few years I have not been happy in my career or my life, I felt like I didn’t have a purpose and for those of you who know this feeling it’s not a good one. I go to work in a cubicle with grey walls, grey floors, no windows, it’s not the most enlightening experience that I’ve ever had. And to be honest…..it’s just not me…I don’t’ like sitting I like being able to help and talk to people. Last year I was sitting in my Vice President’s office and he asked me what my passion was….the first thing that popped out of my mouth was “Not This!”thank goodness he wasn’t upset. I then proceeded to tell him that I’ve always wanted to be around people and help them succeed and help them be happy in their life….. because I wasn’t.

In May my good friend (and current CFSF member), Amber Frerichs, text me and said she thought she found something that I would love…Cross Fit. I gave it a try and my first WOD was 10 rounds 10 squats 20 burpees! I couldn’t walk the whole week and I loved that feeling, I was hooked!

From that first step into the box I found people that were positive and great to be around and without even knowing it my life became better, happier and more positive…Because of all of you! CrossFit has become the platform for a better life for myself. Normally people try to kick you when you are down and the people at Cross Fit Sioux Falls help you up and cheer you on to the next step. Only after being at Cross Fit a month I knew that this is what I wanted in my life. Here is my chance to actually do what I’m passionate about…help people succeed and believe in themselves.

When I attended my Cert in Arizona in December I felt the same camaraderie with all the people there. There were people from Australia, London, Canada among others, all there for the same purpose. The trainers that were there were amazing. I got to meet the 2007 Female winner of the Cross Fit Games Jolie Gentry and the ever famous Josh Everett. (if there are some of you who don’t know who he is look him up you will be amazed) All six trainers were excellent and willing to help. It was great to watch them do WOD’s over their lunch….these are the best of the best and I was in awe of the amount of weight and speed they were capable of. I was sad to be leaving after day 2. I had an amazing time and would do it over and over again! It was well worth it! I’ve never been so proud to be a part of something as I am Cross Fit!

I am now given the opportunity to help you succeed with your goals. I want to take everything that I’ve learned from Chris, Annie and the rest of the staff and be able to train and perform at their level and provide you the knowledge and expertise you all deserve! CrossFit allows you to push yourself to the limit. You can accomplish things that you never thought you could! It gives you the strength not only physically but mentally in your personal and professional life! It’s a great feeling to have so many people around you accomplishing goals that they thought were out of their reach and to be a part of that is a dream of mine.

Another goal I have set for 2011 is to participate in the Cross Fit sectionals in hopes to qualify for the games. When this is accomplished I will continue my education and try for my level 2 Cert in hopes that in my future will be HQ trainer.

My promise to Cross Fit Sioux Falls and it’s members…..to always pick you up when you fall down, encourage you to be the best you can be, be proud of all that you have accomplished in the future and thus far and to achieve your fitness goals that you never thought you could attain! You are stronger than you give yourself credit! Be proud of how far you’ve come!

15 Responses to “Welcome Aboard MBooms!”

  1. Anna Leisa Says:

    Awesome, Mary! It’s so good to hear your story — Congrats!

  2. congrats Mary!!! i’ve said it before… i’ll say it again, it’s always great having you at the box – you are an awesome coach and a great role model!! so glad to have you as part of the staff!!!

  3. Garrett Strating Says:

    Congrats Mary!!! Way to engage your aspirations and keep on working your goals! Keep knocking them down just as you have this last year and just imagine what the future has in store!!! Love ya girl!


  4. Kimberly Says:

    Congrats Mary! You are an amazing lady…..I love watching you kick butt during WODs.
    So glad that you are part of the staff:)

  5. Great job Mur!!!

  6. Liza Nelson Says:

    I am so proud of you its awesome to get to see your smiling face everyday at the box. Your an amazing friend, coach, and person which is going to take you a long way and i can’t wait to be there to witness all that is to come your way. The kids are so excited for you and of course so am I Congrats!!!!!

  7. Laura "LD" Says:

    YAY MARY!!!! You have been an inspiration to me, and am excited for you to join the great coaches at Crossfit!! Hopefully you will keep helping with CF kids because Jaxon has so much fun with you!!

  8. jody Gilbertson Says:

    It was good to read your story. You are a great representative of strong women everywhere!!

  9. Tracy K Says:

    Way to go Mary!! You are going to rock it at CFSF. Keep up the outstanding work!

  10. You already know so I don’t really have to say it but: FTS! I’M SOOOOO PROUD OF YOU!!!! Congrats!! Hope to get to work out more with you now! 🙂

  11. Awesome! Congrats Mary…looking forward to having you as a trainer!

  12. Jaime K Says:

    Congrats!! I love your story! It is so interesting to see that Crossfit has changed you as a whole person because it has done the same for me!! Best of Luck with your goals! I know you will accomplish them.

  13. I’ve known MB a LONG time (probably longer than anyone here!) and I can’t even begin to express how proud I am of her and how much of an inspiration she is to me! She’s living proof that attitude is everything and hard work breeds rewards. I am so grateful to CF for bringing you back into my life, Mary, and I LOVE seeing you at the box (and beyond)! Thank you for being an amazing friend–you deserve all the great things coming your way!

    <3, your biggest cheerleader,

    RC/Roach/Chelle (and Baby Bone too!)

  14. congrats Mary! i have you to thank for getting me in at black hills crossfit. Everything you say is true. crossfit truely picks you up when you’re down and it has the ability to strengthen every aspect of your life while providing a solid foundation.

  15. Awesome story Mary~Congrats!

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