The Season of Sweaty Palms

The Summer is officially heating up at CFSF!

It seems from the start of the warm-up at the box all of our palms are getting sweaty from the get-go…and its not necessarily from the anxiety for the upcoming WOD.

Its our good ol’ MidWest humidity:-) With this season of “sweaty palms” our grip is the first to go. And when chalk does not help anymore (or rips your hands up) we encourage everyone to invest in some wristbands. CrossFitters that have started implementing them in classes notice a BIG TIME difference (Personally I use them and notice my hands are dry as a bone during and after a WOD).

3 Responses to “The Season of Sweaty Palms”

  1. is that Liza with the great new ‘bands???

  2. Holy smokes, Liza… can you say ‘ripped’! Fabulous!

  3. Can somebody explain to me WHY this work? I’m all for keeping my hands dry.

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