COLD HARD Facts about Water/Hydration in a very HOT and HUMID Season

Too often water is an afterthought, and yet no nutrient is more vital or necessary in as great amounts. Maintaining proper hydration is an essential part of healthy living. Every day, we lose 2-3 quarts of water through urination, sweating, and breathing. In addition to helping you build muscle, drinking water can help you:
-fight fat
-bad complexion
-stomach aches
-even a stuffy nose

A man’s body is approx 60% water, and a women’s is about 50%. Consider the fact that you can survive for weeks w/o food, but only about six days w/o water.

When the water in your body is reduced by just 1% you get thirsty.
-At 5%, muscle strength and endurance deteriorate, and you become hot and tired.
-At 10%, delirium and blurred vision take over.
-At 20% you’re DEAD!

Sufficient water intake not only burns calories, but allows your liver to be more efficient at mobilizing and eliminating fat from your body. Water eliminates toxins from the body, and to transport other nutrients into our cells. It is required for a proper balance of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes, which ensure that your muscles have a full range of motion, prevent muscle spasms and cramping, and regulate the pattern of your heartbeat. By maintaining proper blood density, water helps manage blood pressure, and the movements of fats so they are not deposited as plaque in the blood vessels. Water also wards off food cravings caused by dehydration and thirst.

Never let thirst be your guide. That’s like coasting onto an interstate emergency lane with a completely empty gas tank being your indication to put some gasoline in your car. It’s already too late. By the time you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated.

The commonly accepted rule for water consumption is 1 cup of water 8 times a day, or about 2 quarts or liters a day (I would add some more with the humidity we are having, and that rule doesn’t take into account of CrossFit WODs either). Try to carry a water bottle with you whenever you can.

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