Can you Save your Own Life if you “HAD” to?

Have You Got What It Takes???

One of the central claims in CrossFit is that the fitness you get by participating is “functional.”

Well, what should the measure of functional be outside of the gym?

In 1926 a gentleman by the name of Earle Liederman published a book in which he claimed that every man should be able to save his own life (sorry, ladies – back in the day women couldn’t save their own lives), and he included the 5 benchmarks that would ensure that you could count on yourself in the event of an emergency – they include standards for:

-pull ups

Liederman claims that “If [a man] can accomplish these things he need have no fear concerning the safety of his life should he be forced into an emergency from which he alone may be able to save himself.”

Look HERE to see how you measure up. Ladies too.

4 Responses to “Can you Save your Own Life if you “HAD” to?”

  1. I save my own life at least once a week…in my dreams! It sure helps now that I can make a fist with my right/stronger hand! Good blog.

  2. Well i guess we better break ground and start building that swimming pool then eh?

  3. I’d be golden for the swimming part…as far as some of the others, I’d be screwed. Looks like I have some work to do:)

  4. Dave & I talk about this all the time … how CF WODs not only make you stronger but improve your endurance & ability to function in any situation. In the military we trained to get not only ourselves but our buddies to safety too!! I often think about if one of my kids needed help … would I be fast enough, strong enough, have enough endurance to get them & myself to safety? A year ago … the answer was no. Now? Probably … but know I have a long way to go.

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