CrossFit Sioux Falls – Athlete of the Week

Congrats to Doc Rob Mccoy!

I will agree, this may be the most overdue AOW in the history of CFSF!

Doc Rob has been with us since March of 2009 and came to us with some lofty goals. One being to get back to his high school shape as a 4 sports athlete, I think he would agree he can now say that today’s Rob could give the ol’ High School Rob a run for his money.

What can we say about Doc Rob…ALOT!

He is a fierce competitor, positive teammate, one of the 1st people to help out, he practices what he preaches, tells people about CF wherever he goes, and he has helped well over 50 CFSF athletes stay healthy, being our go to chiropractor. We could go on and on about him.

Doc Rob thank you for all you do and bring to this AWESOME CFSF community.

We appreciate you!

15 Responses to “CrossFit Sioux Falls – Athlete of the Week”

  1. Congratulations Bones!

  2. Congratulations Rob,
    I met Rob and Jim Leyse my first class and both introduced themselves to me and helped me right off the bat. It was a great introduction into the type of people that I would meet at CFSF.

  3. AWESOME!!! A big fat congratulations to you dude! a Very well-deserved honor!! ALWAYS a pleasure working out with you my friend!!

  4. Congratulations Doc Rob!!! Nice workin out with you (even though I think i’ve only said hello to you once.) in the early morning!!!

  5. great work rob and i agree… very much long overdue!!!

  6. Stacey Donovan Says:

    Congratulations Neighbor!

  7. Congrats!! Way to go! I would have to say it is long overdue consider I thought he was already AOW status.

  8. Heather Fortin Says:

    Congratulations Rob!!

  9. Well deserved and long overdue! Congrats Dr Rob!

  10. Rob/Bobby/Doc Rob... Says:

    There are so many people that could be the Athlete of the week. Most of them may surprise you. They are your sleepers. Lots of people who come workout, don’t say much, and blend in with the crowd. That’s why I always go to the 5:30 class. I don’t need the recognition. I go to that class to blend in. We’re not awake. We don’t talk. We work hard, do our thing and go home. Some of this I’m kidding and most of it I’m serious.

    I do love Crossfit (most days). I joined to get in the best shape of my life. I may be there, but I’m still not in the best shape I could be. There is always room for improvement. There is no way you could without Crossfit.

    Sometimes an opportunity presents itself, and when it feels right you have to take it. Chris and Annie have brought something incredible to the area, that I now see so many others trying to duplicate. They do an incredible job helping us become fit, while minimizing the risk for injury. Trust me, I see just as many if not more injuries from traditional gyms.

    We do have an AWESOME Crossfit Community and I feel like it is my second family. Crossfit has changed me and so many others around me. Thank you for all of your support. You all have mine!

  11. Congrats, Rob!

  12. Congrats Rob!

    I’ll never forget your first WOD at the old box:

    20min AMRAP
    -Max Pullups without dropping from the bar
    -As soon as drop from the bar run 400m

    I sat at a desk for the next week and couldn’t pick up the phone because my arms were so sore they wouldn’t bend…it still boggles my mind how you were able to work on patients that next week, and you kept coming back!

    Excellent job my friend!

    • I tell everybody about that workout! Couldn’t straighten my arms for 6 days! It felt AWESOME! In addition to that, you kicked my butt! I still look back to that and wish I was like you! I’m not sure if you know, but I’ve always been kind of a big deal :), and I was now the low man on the totem pole. My ego couldn’t handle that! Thanks for putting in my place last year, and I just added you to my wolfpack!

  13. Way to go Doc Rob! You know you have long had hero status in my book!

  14. Lori Menke Says:

    Hey Doc Rob I knew you were awesome a long time ago!! Look how far we’ve come and still going strong. You have no idea how much I miss all the 0530ers bedheads! Congratulations!!

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