So What’s the Difference???

Nothing like a weighted plank finisher to bond with your fellow CFers

Many of us have had a variety of different experiences of what it means to be a “group fitness” class.

Over the years we have all tried yoga, pilates, spin, circuit training, and more. I have never experienced group training that even came anywhere close to the experience at CrossFit Sioux Falls.

I never had anybody cheer for me in spin class.

I never faced a seemingly overwhelming obstacle in yoga that caused me to bond with my classmates.

I never accomplished anything in circuit training that caused me to have a new outlook on my life and capabilities.

In none of those classes was I ever overcome with emotion watching a fellow classmate lay it all out there in pursuit of bettering themselves.

All those things happen at CFSF — all the time.

So why is it so different?

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4 Responses to “So What’s the Difference???”

  1. This post has really got me thinking… What really is the difference?

    To me the difference is that CrossFit is a challenge for everyone-even when you have beat your own PR you have to keep going there is no limit.

    Another reason why it is different is because from my experience it truly is a no judgement zone. Its so strange because all gyms strive to be that in some way or another, and none have ever succeeded. In CrossFit we all start where we start and end up where we end up but the end result can always be the same, we can all become the healthy person we want to be without a doubt. The ripped or even just toned people at CrossFit have not ALL been that way their whole lives… and that possibility makes it worth the work and worth the extra cheer in the end.

    Whatever it is-I like it. This shtuffs addicting!

    Happy Birthday CFSF

  2. I think it is different because Crossfit is more like a large family. I think everyone has the same goals of getting better, faster, and stronger.

  3. Greg Nelson Says:

    The biggest difference – you have no choice or options. There is no spa, steam sauna, therapy pool, mirrors, TVs, towels, nice locker rooms with showers, unlimited equipment and vast classes that leave one to resort to doing less in more time.

    Yeah I want much of that above, but instead I come to CF and just chalk my hands like KG at tip-time and watch the white cloud evaporate into the air. Then I just get to work. There is no choice of what to do and there is no choice for anyone else – so we can suffer and succeed together. No debate on whether to pick the easy or hard option … there is just 1 option – Guess what…you showed up today – “here is your WOD. BTW don’t over think this or try to make substitutions or not do part of it…just do it!” Ok, guidelines even I can follow.

    Plus you can take your shirt off at absolutely anytime you want, yell a solid swear word as needed, listen to loud music, do a burpee with dog hair by your nose, and did I mention use chalk 😉 You can’t buy that in spinning class.

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