Beans are good for you…FALSE!

PR time...275! Are you kidding me???

Anyone ever hear people saying or think themselves that beans are touted as the healthy protein alternative to meat?

Do you know how to respond?

Well lets uncover the truth:

The fact that they can cause gastrointestinal distress should be enough for our concern. Most legumes are poisonous if eaten raw. Legumes are high in lectins, protease inhibitors, and phytates. Lectins are proteins that bind carbohydrates, been identified as being inflammatory and toxic. They have a casual relationship with auto-immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, Type I diabetes, and lupus. Phytates or phytic acids, have been shown to inhibit the absorption of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc in the digestive tract. Furthermore, the presence of protease inhibitors interferes with the breakdown of proteins into amino acids. Vegetarians seeking protein from legumes, may actually be making their protein deficiencies worse!

A diet high in legumes, at best, will give you gastrointestinal problems and could result in a mineral deficiency. At worst, a diet high in legumes could induce an “auto-immune” response. The soy industry has been pushing the “health benefits” of soy.

As a result, most of our processed foods contain a soy additive or byproduct, in effect, lacing our foods with possible toxins.

There are a lot more myths about the food pyramid and the traditional American diet. To find out what they are begin reading the Paleolithic Solution by Robb Wolf immediately!

Happy Friday!

2 Responses to “Beans are good for you…FALSE!”

  1. awesome lift Kim!!!! great picture!

  2. Thanks for the great article! My friend Brent passed it along to me. I recently read Robb’s book and have been implementing the strategy as best as humanly possible.

    Over the past 3 years I’ve been eating a staple diet of beans. Hoping you are correct… And feel there’s defiantly strong merit to your argument! Since diving in my my intense bean diet I’ve developed a severe case of Periodontal Disease. Almost to the point of my teeth falling out. Other immediate signs of physical deterioration are virtually non-existent and my physical (endurance) performance is very good. However, as I mentioned my teeth have taken a turn for the worst.

    After one month on the Paleo diet I feel even better! Cannot wait to see the dentist and figure out if it’s helped my teeth…. Interestingly doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals seem to have no sight of what is and isn’t in correct terms of diet. So I was very glad to find this excellent information.


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