Paleo is the way, Nuff Said…

Chuck is flying higher now that he is in the Paleo Challenge

I came across this post and thought WOW! Is there even a discussion. I will take CrossFit and Paleo over the Old Endurance way EVERYDAY!

Pre Paleo and CrossFit:

Post Paleo and CrossFit:

The Paleo/Primal lifestyle (and in passing, CrossFit) are the subjects of a skeptical but grudgingly admiring article in today’s New York Times: “The New Age Caveman and the City.” Call it a fad if you will, but I challenge you to assemble a random sampling of Paleo-eaters/high intensity exercisers and vegan/vegetarian long slow distance enthusiasts…by any metric, performance or aesthetic, the “caveman” types will seem almost a different species.

3 Responses to “Paleo is the way, Nuff Said…”

  1. Good NY Times article….but cant do the long fast that they do and still CF! I have some friends and family members who have been diagnosed with different problems: abnormal blood counts, fibromyalgia and cancer. ALL of the medical professionals that they have seen have recommended dietary changes for them. Here is an example of what they suggested*****
    lean meat (esp. buffalo) fruits and veggies. No grains and some said either NO or limited dairy.
    They each went to different doctors!

    Funny but for some reason the ‘DIET’ the doctors recommended sounds vaguely familiar to me…..My primary way of eating for the past 7 months.
    *~*Go Paleo*~*

  2. I about threw up my larabar looking at the skinny man! Then I swallowed when I saw the tranformation

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