Want Results??? You need QUALIFIED Coaches…

Between our 7 Coaches we have OVER 20 CERTifications!

At CFSF we pride ourselves on continuing to up the quality at our box. The types of things we constantly strive to improve on are:

-Warm-up and WOD programming
-And last but definitely not least, QUALITY of Coaching by furthering our education

To be the best coach it takes:

-A high commitment to continually furthering your education
-Loads of experience
-Practicing what you preach.

Well here is CFSF Coaches Resume thus far in the last 22 months:

-As the picture caption states above, of our 7 coaches we have OVER 20 certifications!
-We have coach’s well over 750 students and have had OVER 30,000 workouts at our box!!!
-Every single coach at CFSF does CrossFit at least 5x a week…every week!

Yeah, I bragging a little, but I am proud to be surrounded by such committed, hard working, generous, high integrity, inspiring people.

Thank you Annie, Casey, Booms, Browny, Liza and Cody.

3 Responses to “Want Results??? You need QUALIFIED Coaches…”

  1. until you have been at another box or a cert, you have no idea what we have here at SFCF!!! Rockstars!!! Thanks!!!

  2. Not only do we have the coaches with the certifications – we have the coaches that care are don’t carry chips on their shoulders because they are so highly certified – thanks guys for being awesome and loveable!

  3. Thanks for your continued encouragement and support, you guys ROCK!

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