Do You Ever Try to Find Out the WOD for the day from Your CFSF Friends Before you Go???

Evan is FINISHED after a weighted plank finisher

We are one of few CrossFit’s out there that does not post our WODs the day before. We like to prepare you LITERALLY for the unknown.

So my question to all of you is…

Do you like to know what the WOD is in advance? Why?

Or, do you like the fact that you come in not knowing what you are about to jump into?

15 Responses to “Do You Ever Try to Find Out the WOD for the day from Your CFSF Friends Before you Go???”

  1. MattyB "FTS" Says:

    Oh I totally try and find out. I don’t want to miss out on benchmark workouts and try to plan rest around oly classes. I roll josh everett style and wish I knew every workout I was doing for the next month.

  2. I like not knowing, so no I don’t try and find out. I enjoy feeling sick to my stomach anticipating what we will be doing that day. 🙂

  3. no I don’t try to find out, nor do I want to know. there would be many that I would have skipped out on and those are the ones that leave me with the greatest high.

  4. I hate not knowing the wod. I like to mentally prepare for it, so, I often try to find out the wod from others. I think out of all of the times that I’ve known the wod prior to arriving at the gym, there was only once that I didn’t come to xfit after finding out. All of the other times, once I know the wod, I feel obligated to go – I feel like if I don’t go after finding out the wod, I’d be ‘quitting’ in some way. So, any morning goers – if you want to share the wod with me on a regular basis, let me know – I’ll share my email, phone number, bb msg, address… whatever it takes for you to share it with me! 🙂

  5. I love knowing the wod prior to arriving – on the flipside, I hate NOT knowing. Of all the times that I’ve known the wod, there was only 1 time that I chose not to go as a result. Otherwise, once I find out, I feel like I’d be quitting if I didn’t show up. I feel an obligation to follow through once I know the wod. So, if there’s any morning crossfitters that want to share their knowledge with me, let me know – I’d be happy to share my phone number, email address, bb mgr, address… whatever it takes to know the wod! 🙂

  6. I never ever want to know the workout! Otherwise I might not come.

  7. Oh you all know I am notorious for wanting to know the wod and that’s why I have resorted to going to the 530AM class so that I can’t find out. And then I have the pleasure of posting something funny on FB to make all of my fellow CF Facebook friends wonder what the WOD is. I’ve decided if I don’t know then I’m going to tease everybody else with some remark that I post!!! I also quit asking what the WOD is because when I use to text Mary and ask her what it is for the day, the text is read to CMello and he reads the text aloud to everybody at the box in what he calls the “AHOFF VOICE” haha!!! I now like showing up at the box and being surprised and challenged for what is to come!!! 5:30am is the best one to go to because it’s not written on the board until 1 minute before the WOD starts. Sorry CMello…no more of me texting anybody to find out the WOD…
    I also like to surprise people with my small numbers I put up on the board…like my 95lb Front Squat that most were surprised about.

  8. Chris Mello Says:

    I would totally try to find out what the WOD was if I was a member at CFSF…luckily I always know:-)

  9. Kerri’s comment hit the nail on the head for me….if I know what it is, I feel obligated to achieve it.

    I prefer to know ahead of time….just so I can mentally prepare. I only skip if I’m stuck at work, sick or out of town. And with having shoulder/kneck issues, it’s good to know that if I’m hurting I may want to lay off the regular wod and switch over to endurance. I’ll still show up and do something…I just may piss and moan about it.

  10. I never want to know what’s expected of me at CFSF until I arrive. My mental weaknesses typically override my physical weaknesses so I’m 110% certain I wouldn’t show up for any WOD that I didn’t THINK I could do.

    Thanks for keeping the WODs on the DL. It’s greatly appreciated! =)

  11. There is an occasional text message here and there. But it is usually letting each other know what a great WOD it is for the day. Since I am a part timer, I hate missing the killer ones so I appreciate those texts.

  12. I admit, I will try to find out – not always, just every once in a while. Ususally, I like the anticipation… but once I walk into the box, I go DIRECTLY to the board and see what we will be doing. I like the few minutes of getting my mental game going. With that being said, keep them on the DL. It’s like your little surprise gift to me everyday!!!:)

  13. Who me???? know the WOD I miss you Sable and Amber

  14. The only thing I ask Haley, (aka AI) is if we are doing burpees. Not that I hate them, I just suck at them!!! Keep the WODs on the DL 🙂

  15. Korena (aka: "KC") Says:

    I absolutely try to find out the WOD for the day! 😀

    For me, I’m not the type to not go to a WOD because of what it is…alot of times, the easy looking WODs tend to be the tougher ones and vice versa! Plus I have a problem which is my best friend but yet my worst enemy (as some already know): determination 🙂

    I like to mentally prepare but more importantly for me (because of my eating habits of eating very little due to small stomach capacity (or so it seems) but I eat CONSTANTLY…literally like every 1-2 hrs except when sleeping), I like to make sure I have enough fuel if it’s going to be an energy suckeroo so I know whether I need to “stuff” myself and make sure I have plenty of water an hr or so prior….otherwise certain exercises make me feel weak/lightheaded (running, for example).

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