Another CFSF’er is Level 1 Certified!

FTS is in the far left rockin the CFSF shirt...say cheez:)

We are pushing back the AOW this week, but for good reason…

A very significant event has happened this last weekend! Matty B aka FTS received his Level 1 certification in Omaha.

CrossFit Sioux Falls is very proud of you for this great accomplishment. You raise each and everyone’s athletic and personal game to a HIGHER level at CFSF. Your intensity, encouragement, personality and character is such a positive influence on all of us. We couldn’t be happier for you on this accomplishment coming along with bringing you on board this month as our next great coach at the box.

As FTS begins his coaching this month at CFSF, he brings more to the table than you would think…He has played collegiate and post collegiate soccer, coached athletes from young to adult. As a CrossFitter, he is also more than just your average athlete, when someone has the ability to Overhead Squat their BW 15x, do Handstand Ring Pushups, and a host of other movements that mir-mortals don’t have the capacity to do, people will listen. You may see him tearing it up at the sectionals next year.

We have had the pleasure of watching your progress and improvement since the 1st day you walked into CFSF. We are so excited to have you take this next leap as a coach at CFSF.

Thank you for all that you do!

11 Responses to “Another CFSF’er is Level 1 Certified!”

  1. Congratulations FTS! You are an outstanding addition to the CFSF staff!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS FTS!!! You are going to be a great coach!!! I’ll always take in your words of “YOU CAN REST WHEN THE CLOCK STOPS”!!!

  3. Congrats FTS! It will be great to have your intensity and encouragement!

  4. Remember when we were sitting in a bar, and Kylie and I were trying to get you to come to this gym we started going to?? Well… you’ve come a long way since then!!

    Congrats on getting certified and becoming a coach! You’ll do great. You always push people to go faster and try harder!!

  5. Excellent Job! We are proud of you. And ring handstand pushups?? FTS! 🙂 That is outrageously awesomenova!

  6. yesssssssssssssssssssssss!!

  7. Way to go Matt!! And I was thinking the same thing as J & T….handstand ring pushups? That’s awesome…

  8. MattyB "FTS" Says:

    Thank you for the kind words. I can only hope I make your ride on this crazy train called CrossFit a little better… you can always do one more, and if not…well then you’ve done your job.

    And yes Tracy…totally remember the chat at the bar….”huh, I guess I’ll try it”. Would be fun to travel back in time and kick my own ass for being lazy. And of course…thanks.

    When life hands you lemons, “FTS”, throw them on the ground and do a thruster.

  9. matt you are such a great coach!!! you did such agreat job coaching the affiliate team last year and CFSf is extremly lucky to have your awesome abilities at the box!

  10. a leader by example!!! thanks for the inspiration, and congratulations!!!

  11. FTS has been my best friend since pre-school and you all have an outstanding man on your hands and not to mention one freak of an athlete!!

    Congrats my man , I am proud of you!


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