CrossFit Sioux Falls – Athlete of the Week

Congrats to Carmen Vellinga for becoming this week’s Athlete of the Week!

Not that we are trying to keep it in the family, but we DID!

Carmen is succeeding her daughter, AI last week’s AOW, because they carry not only have mother/daughter similarities but CF similarities as well. All of the hard working and positivity traits that AI possesses was definitely handed down by her mother Carmen.

We have had the pleasure of seeing Carmen grow leaps and bounds over the last 10 months. She has battled through various wrist and low back that would have stopped most people but not Carmen. She has the mindset that nothing will stop her on her way to achieving all of her FITness goals. And with that she improved her strength, endurance, flexibility and nutrition and it now paying off!

Carmen thank you for all you do and bring the our CFSF community.

We appreciate YOU!

20 Responses to “CrossFit Sioux Falls – Athlete of the Week”

  1. Mom, I’m so proud of you! Owow you babe you! Thanks for being my biggest cheerleader and for always being so faithful with workouts and eating Paleo. I’m so proud of you!

  2. carmen,
    congratulations !
    so amazing!
    workingout with you is always so much fun 🙂
    keep up the great work

  3. Anna Leisa Says:

    Carmen – You have such a fabulous outlook! Keep up the good work!!

  4. Congrats Carmen! Well deserved AOW. Keep working hard!

  5. Annie Mello Says:

    Congrats Carm….
    You are such an inspiration to so many!!! It has been such a gift to watch you grow and see your amazing transformation inside and out! Keep up the great work Champ!!!

  6. Laura "LD" Says:

    Great Job!!! You are such a positive influence at CF!! Keep up the GREAT work!!

  7. Way to go Carmen! Congratulations!


  8. Great job Carmen! You are so great! Miss seeing you at the morning classes:(

  9. CONGRATS CARMEN!!! You are so much fun and a huge inspiration to workout with when I make it to the class you attend!!!

  10. WooHoo CARMEN!!!!!!! You ROCK!

  11. carrannmor Says:

    Woot woot! Awesome, Carmen! You deserve it!

  12. Congratulations Carmen! Keep working hard and reaching for new goals!

  13. Jody Gilbertson Says:

    Way to go Carmen!!

  14. MattyB "FTS" Says:

    *High Five* congrats and keep it up!

  15. WOO HOO Way to go Carmen!!!! I love working out with you! You are a true inspiration:) Awesome choice for AOW

  16. Way to go Carmen!! Keep up the great work!

  17. WOW, I am honored & quite surprised!!! I have looked at athletes of the week & thought one day I will be there. I started CF in Feb ’10 as a Valentines gift from my husband & also started eating Paleo at about that time. Since then, & the Paleo Challange, I have lost about 20 lbs! Progress has been slow & frustrating at times on strength & endurance due to several muscle strains, however, I tell Haley that I am the tortoise in “The Tortoise & The Hare”. We joke that I am “steady Eddie”, I just keep coming regularly & make small improvements!
    Many clients, coworkers, friends, etc have seen a transformation & asked how I have lost the weight. I love telling them about CF & Paleo. I tell them CF is the toughest workout they will ever love!
    Thank you CF & all who have welcomed, supported, encouraged, & befriended me! What a great community of positive, goal oriented people to workout with!
    I think I am one of the oldest women at CF, so if I can do this, you can you!
    I love CF, it’s addicting! It’s the best place to get in the best shape of your life!

  18. Great Job, Carmen!!!!! You rock and so does your family!!!

  19. Hey way to go Sis!!! It has been a lot of fun watching you transform; I am so glad you joined the CF team!

  20. Congratulations, Carmen! I was out of town when you were chosen! When I moved to Sioux Falls and started CF you were the first person I met in the class. Each day I walked into CF you always greeted me with a big smile! Thank you so much! Your dedication and motivation at CF is amazing! It has been so much fun working out with you! Way to go!!! 🙂

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