CrossFit Sioux Falls – Athlete of the Week

AOW Pose

Congrats to Kelli Parks from becoming our next CrossFit Sioux Falls AOW!

Kelli aka FIT B*tch is one of those AOWs that could have happened a long time ago.

Kelli is one of the most tough, motivated, positive and fun people to be around at the box. As she approaches her 1 year anniversary on Jan 4th, we have seen such amazing improvements in her strength and conditioning. We are so excited for what year 2 has to bring as well as the rest of her life.

Kelli thank you for all you do and bring to the CFSF community.

We appreciate YOU!

12 Responses to “CrossFit Sioux Falls – Athlete of the Week”

  1. Congrats Kelli!!! Well deserved!!!

  2. YEAH!!! WAY TO GO KEL BEL! Well deserved! LOVE YOU TO DEATH and so glad I FINALLY talked you into coming to this crazy insane workout place called – CF ! 🙂 You have come so far & really grown leaps and bounds from not working out to really finding one of your passions and excelling at it !! Your improvements are quite motivating! Excited to continue on our cf journey together~ love you! Court

  3. Way to go Kelli, great job neighbor!!!

  4. Awwww. Thanks guys!!! Of all the pictures you have of me too….. 🙂 It’s amazing to be a part of a program that I constantly want to be better for. Crossfit has improved not only my health and wellness, but my overall passion for hard work, constant improvement, and continued growth. Thanks CFSF!!! You are all amazing!

  5. MattyB "FTS" Says:

    Solid work FitB!tch, stay at it and enjoy the results, you’ve earned it.

  6. Congrats Kelly….. I look forward to your smiley face every time you walk in thw gym! Your hard work and dedication have really showed! Keep up the great work.

  7. Congrats Kelli!! You are always fun to work out with and you’ve been really rocking your WODs! Keep up the great work!!

  8. Congrats Kelli! What fun it was to realize that first day we met, that you were Daryl’s daughter. You look great, and I miss being in workouts with you! Owow way to go!

  9. Congrats AOW!!!! make sure you use the special parking!!!:)

  10. Congrats Kelli (with an I)!

    Excellent work on earning AOW!


  11. Liza Nelson Says:

    Congrats you totally earned this award!! Great Job!!

  12. Congrats Kel! Much deserved. Wish I worked out at your time more often so you could kick my butt!

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