I can’t because…

TK shows what YOU SHOULD look like after a WOD

Couldn’t have said it better myself:-D
“In CrossFit (as in life) you can have either excuses or results, but not both.

You may have a very ‘valid’ excuse for not getting your work done on time, not keeping your back arched, not having any money saved up, not going all the way down on your squat or whatever, but the reality is that if you have an excuse then there’s something awesome you’re missing out on.

I’d be willing to bet that whatever it is, it’s probably something you want REALLY bad, yet for some reason you seem to find all kinds of reason you *can’t* get it, do it or be it, and it always seems to be caused by something completely outside of your control.

I call BULLSH*T!!!

The truth is that if you want results you’ll eliminate the excuses and find a way. I don’t care what the excuse is, how valid it is, how good it is, or how often it has happened to you – if you can articulate a reason that you don’t have the results you would ideally like to have, and if that reason remotely involves anything you can’t control, then you’ve got an excuse. And I hope it’s a really good one, because you’ve decided to live with IT instead of that result.

One of my favorite Greg Glassman quotes is, “Winners are remarkably adept at figuring out what’s required to win.” You’ll notice the ‘never say die’ kind of undertone to it. It doesn’t say “Winners are remarkably adept at finding excuses for why they can’t win.” Stop whining and get to it.

Another quote that bears mentioning was from the movie “The Rock”, where Sean Connery says to Nicolas Cage, “Losers always whine about their ‘best’…winners go home and f*** the prom queen.”

So get over yourself and lose the excuses. Nobody wants to hear them anyway. Get the results you want – it’s way cooler to be a badass than to whine about all the things holding you back.”

FOUND FROM: http://www.crossfitmc.com/2010/11/i-cant-because-wed-111010/

2 Responses to “I can’t because…”

  1. MattyB "FTS" Says:

    I shit you not…I told the doc this same thing upon jumping out of the womb… solid speak here. Read this, then do it. People talk about excuses in an attempt to hide the fact they are pissed they didn’t PR. There is a reason we don’t all cheer and high five after someone says “I’m just too tired”… decide what you want, get after it, do it…repeat.

    Drop the suck and win,


  2. Ditto what MattyB says! Nicely said! 🙂

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