A refocused CF'er.


Well that was fun ya? 2010 is now in the rear view…we accomplished some great things here at CFSF. But I see no reason to settle, why not chase down even greater things? We know where we’ve been, we know where we want to go…so insert some fight, a little sweat and away we go.

Something dawned on me the other morning as I went in and failed on my PR snatch attempt…ohhh, a half dozen times. That day…I really didn’t deserve it. Why? I lost focus…I let myself fall into some old lazy habits. It’s easy to forget the amount of work we have actually put in because we enjoy it so much. Yes it was the holidays, yes it’s cold outside, yes work can be a mo’fo…blah, blah, blah. On top of this we are going through a transition at the box. But none of this means I can’t wake up each day on the same quest. I know for a fact I will not achieve the things I want to, or simply enjoy my life more alone, BUT…. let’s face it, I can cost me those things alone. I can fail alone if I allow myself. Identify what you let slip these last couple weeks, was it diet? Sleep? Intensity? Just lost sight of the big picture? Well…sh#t…now what?


Remind yourself how much tail you were kicking pre holidays. Remind yourself how it’s more than a workout and why you keep coming back. A goal sheet, a work e-mail that pissed you off, maybe and old text message that made you want to punch someone…whatev’…find it, keep it, read it everyday. Take a second and redefine how you are going to approach today, tomorrow, next month, 2011.

Remember you don’t have to be ready to kill to show up at the box…that’s what it is there for. Remember the last WOD you smashed…remember the high, as soon as you see your fellow CF’ers you will become motivated. As soon as you here the “3,2,1…GO!” you KNOW an internal switch goes off…just show up. The good habits you have set will kick back in and the temporary bad, lazy habits will be chillin’ out by the curb.


Tell yourself right now and again later, “Yes I will”…  I leave it to you to fill in the blanks. Let CFSF continue to put that “S” on your chest. No more excuses…right now, today, tonight…get to the box and decide what you want.

No goal or motivation is stupid if it is what floats your boat and gives you that edge…embrace it. Remember all of your fellow CF’ers have “real life” issues of all shapes in sizes. Maybe not exact, but remember we go through frustrations and you aren’t rocking it solo. Don’t get caught up in them…you always have us.

Refocus…tell youself over and over what you ARE going to do. It won’t be easy but I will be damned if we aren’t going to love it…

Go ahead and post any temporary set backs you came across…or maybe talk about what you are going to do in the near future. I know you are reading this… What can we help you with?

“CFSF Blog”

Read it
Be awesome

Hey you… Refocus,


I leave you with some words of wisdom by the great Eminem that always make me think of a great day at CFSF.

“I can’t tell you what it really is
I can only tell you what it feels like
and right now it’s a steel knife in my windpipe
I can’t breathe but I still fight while I can fight
as long as the wrong feels right it’s like I’m in flight
high off of love…”

Video if you are so inclined:

28 Responses to “Refocus”

  1. gym lease Says:

    Awesome Post Matty B! You have a gift for words my friend. I’ll be honest…since doing my little camp dealie a few weeks ago I have lost a boatload of motivation and am basically just going through the motions right now. I assume this is probably just temporary but it still makes me a little nervous. However….my goal right now is to just get to the BOX and get through the workouts believing that eventually the energy, enthusiasm and hopefully some new challenges will arrive. Any advice and/or suggestions are always welcome. jim

    • MattyB "FTS" Says:

      Jimmy!! Hey buddy…. just my two cents but ya, its just a small rift in your CrossFit life. Going through that camp was an amzaning thing….it will be tough to duplicate I’m sure. But remember why you could do that…what got you ready??? Just change gears a little bit and don’t focus on prepping for something. Go back to good old fashioned elbow grease and working hard with good peeps at your side. Its that combination that has you smiling at the end of the day. Thanks for posting as now myself and other readers know to help out…we got your back buddy!!

    • Jim – for what it’s worth, you are an amazing athlete that always finds a way to push to success! I’m still in awe at your pullups (which made your hands minced meat and you STILL kept going!) for AMRAP a few months back! I always enjoy working out with you so if you ever need a kick in the seat of the pants for that boost of energy/enthusiasm and a new challenge (because I kick hard!), you just let me know! I have faith you’ll find even more enthusiasm than before. You’re just at a speed bump right now but you, my friend, are a champion! 😉

      “A champion, when he fell, always got back up and tried even harder. He slowed down over the speed bumps and hit a pothole now and then, but each time, he kept going. He didn’t care how bad it hurt or hard he had to try. Others, on the other hand, when they fell, stayed there. Maybe tried to get up and kept failling and didn’t try to get up anymore. Stopped at teh speed bumps and fell into the potholes. Quit when he hurt and was tired. If you want to be a champion, try and try again. Never let your hopes slip out of your hands. ~Jessy Oho~”

  2. exactly what i needed to hear …thanks!

  3. Thank you so much for the great post! I have been struggling lately, so this is just what I needed!

  4. Great post (as always) MattyB! I also have on and off days, and I find that usually when I come to CFSF on my off day, it magically turns into an on day. … and REFOCUS… this is something I need to do more during the WOD, when I start to feel defeated and I start to give up (example – any time I have to do wall balls).

    • MattyB "FTS" Says:

      Well let it be known that with you there is way more on than off days… as for wall balls…they are just a 14# band aid. Don’t give them any of your time, walk over to the wall rip ’em off and move on. Plus they make your snatch numbers go up 🙂 Thanks for posting (As always 🙂 )

  5. Laura LD DeHaan Says:

    This post speaks volumes to me today, so thanks mattyb!!!! Since thanksgiving I have lost paleo focus, so I am ready to get my diet back in check. I feel like I have several excuses for why I perform poorly in WODs, but in reality I have just lost focus. Time to regroup, and refocus my priorities and goals. Do I want to settle for mediocre??? Heck no!!

    • MattyB "FTS" Says:

      Yahtzee!! Kudos for being willing to check the mirror… a few simple adjustments and its back to killing it. You are far from mediocre…for you, pick awesome or F-ing awesome. We all know which you will choose… LD back at it! Lucky to have you.

  6. Yes! Yes! REFOCUS! I also lost sight of paleo over the holidays and am trying to get back on the wagon. I also missed some classes over the holidays with traveling and other lame excuses. Even though I vowed not to get off track… FAIL!

    Moving forward, my refocus will be to just show up! Everything else is easier after you just get there.

    • MattyB "FTS" Says:

      You are spot on there Beth…just get back to showing up and the rest will start to take care of itself. We are only human and will cave in here and there. No worries…come smash a WOD and when you are on the ground gasping for air you will relaize again the CF wagon is worth it.

  7. Jimmy and I talked of this a couple of days back and I’m similar in thinking I always need something to be prepping for……so it is reassuring to know that it’s ok to just be putting in the work to get “stronger faster healthier”, even if it’s just for life in general!!! And Jimmy, it’s okay to have a couple of tough weeks, the clock’s gonna be there tomorrow…..

    • MattyB "FTS" Says:

      Soooo true, the little game we call “life”, fun to win at that one too!! I did giggle reading this one as I was telling the 630am’ers that after 20 years of CrossFitting their shoulders will appreciate all the mobility work 🙂

  8. This could not have come at a more perfect time! I have allowed myself to slip into the “It’s the holidays” excuse. I went to the WOD today and when I saw 55# for girls I already felt defeated. I looked at Cody and said I don’t think I can do 55#…He just looked at me and said you’ll never know if you don’t try. I decided he was right, why not at least try? So I did, and you know what I did do 55#! That defeated feeling was GONE!!! And I felt great when I finished. (well not right away, but ,you know like 1/2 hour later:)) Thanks for the post Matty and Happy NEW year and new goals to everyone.

    • MattyB "FTS" Says:

      Flipping outstanding! Great work… the one time decision to give it a shot just made all future KB workouts better because now you have the confidence. That’s like 100 birds with 1 stone! Woot!

    • NICE!!! Oh, I can just hear Cody in that laid back style challenging you!!! Way to rock it out!!!

  9. Danette S Says:

    Great post as always MattyB! Hopefully 2011 will be the year I make big improvements….Thanks for all the motivation!

    • MattyB "FTS" Says:

      2011 the year of D-Town!! Pumped to see you comment! Keep rocking the 530am like you do. Looking forward to it…

  10. Fantastic words of wisdom! Love the blog and the posts!

    • MattyB "FTS" Says:

      Thanks Jenny! Appreciate the post and we appreciate your positive attitude and constant glow at the box!

  11. After reading your post I remembered back in 06′ and 07′ trying to make the US Natioanl Team. It was really tough being out of college, no more team, no coach, nobody to push myself but me. I remember doing 20 minutes or so of rowing each day, while wondering if it would be enough. I also emember doing all I could in the final 1000m to stay on pace but it just didn’t happen. I went home unsatisfied, but I was finally hungry.

    In 07′ I tweaked my training and decided 20 min in the a.m. and p.m. would be a goal. That summer my teammates and I had to beat a 5:42 time standard, we had 3 trys. Time one = 5:51 w/ light headwind. Try 2 = 5:49. I remember our confidence was falling and 5:42 seemed like a long shot. Coming off the water our coach said “what the hell are you afraid of? What are you waiting for?” We all kinda looked around at each knowing we just busted our tails some of us for yrs for this chance. On try 3 there was a light headwind again, poor conditions. Something was different this time. Through the 1000m mark (2000m is the race length) we were 3:22, one second off our pace. Our coxwain made an unexpected call to sprint with 750 m to go. Now having row’d for 6 years this was absurd. You don’t sprint until well inside 500 meters. At that moment all I thought about was my family that I didn’t want to let down and remembering that I put in the wrench work. On the call to move, the boat jumped and every one of us knew it was now or never. On that call it was like WE finally knew we had nothing to lose and everything to gain. After crossing the line we waited what seemed like minutes for our time. We ended up posting a 5:41.2.

    If you are still with me, the point of this is that “You never know when you will have your “mojo.” Even when you think you’re beaten GO FOT IT! It won’t kill you. Just make sure you put everything into it. 100% effort, no regrets. It will only make you hungry for more. So next time your at the box and it hurts, GET AFTER IT, cause you really have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

    • MattyB "FTS" Says:

      Great read T, thanks for posting. An outstanding “out of the box” example… it can be done, just tell yourself.

  12. Sweet post Tyler! I have seen that switch that you have inside…2011 is going to be a great year for you…in and out of the box with that attitude.

  13. Love the post, MattyB! At first, I REALLY struggled mentally with my injury. When weeks became months, and months became eternity, my mental toughness definitely is/was being challenged as I know I still have SEVERAL months ahead of me before a full recovery. At first I really questioned if I should even be at the Box…body said ‘maybe but probably no’, heart said ‘yes’.

    I have sinced changed my approach to the situation: use the opportunity to work on form…do light weights, do whatever it takes to fully recover while utilizing my “down time” effectively. As Coach Burgener says and still sticks in my head when I get down with things like not being able to do 65lb OHS right now: “Throw your pride out the door”. Since taking on a diff attitude, I practiced and taught myself how to do 1-legged kipping pullups (more oomph needed and they take me a while, but hey…I’m doing them!), jump rope 1-legged (yes, I generally still multiply by 4 for DUs even though I have half the leg power right now…600 singles on 1 hopper yesterday!), and I focus on form vs speed/time.

    Recently, I tweaked my back a little and to top it all off, got sick as well, which didn’t help my back whatsoever laying around. Yet more setbacks…WTF?! I took a step back to look at everything that was happening to me and felt like I was completely falling apart both mentally & physically. I conteplated whether I should continue with CF or not, to be totally honest. I feel like my body is failing me sometimes. I took a few weeks off from the gym to try and heal both mentally and physically. Even though I had every excuse to just lay around the house, I did ALOT of stretching even through extreme pain at times, and laid on my back, made sure it was stabalized good, and did VERY LIGHT weights (3lb ones) for a small WOD while watching tv. Going on 6 months of being restricted and not being able to do simple things like even walk down a flight of stairs (finally able to somewhat do now as of about a wk ago), eating like cr@p out of pure frustration…it’s time to start my year out right! Paleo started yesterday. When I have the steps backwards, I try to step right back forward and continue fighting. I made my way back to the Box yesterday even though I was concerned about re-tweaking my back, and even though I’m still a little fragile mentally with “can I do this? What if I can’t?”, I try to look at the positive side. When I start to not believe in myself, I hear one of the coaches cheering me on (are they mind readers? SCARY!) and it turns my almost snuffed fire into burning flame again. I may be a “gimp” right now but I’m at the Box, getting my WOD on! I sometimes fall in a pothole and struggle to pull myself back up but I keep coming back and find ways around that pothole eventually. Try and try again….”Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” ~Michael Jordan~

    To Liza – your FB comment meant alot…even though you may not have known it, I WAS struggling mentally and extremely frustrated the past few weeks and your simple post reminded me that I didn’t have to be alone in my struggle. Thank you for that

    • Sorry for the novel….didn’t look that long when typing it! Doh!

    • MattyB "FTS" Says:

      Appreicate the post Korena, I just want to say be patient and believe. I went through an injury last year that I was convined would ruin my CrossFitting for years to come… FTS!!! Back and strong than ever… remember when you come back, you don’t have to start over becuase of where you took yourself prior to the injury. Play it safe and trust in CF…you will be back, you will be better than ever. It’s not a sprint, it’s a long journey we all get to enjoy together.

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