Watch us on KDLT News Tonight!

Tonight is the 1st of a weekly 4 month series of “Staying Fit with Crossfit Sioux Falls and KDLT”. Every Thursday “Staying Fit” will air at 6p and 10p on KDLT news. “Staying Fit with Crossfit Sioux Falls and KDLT” is about 3 broadcasters with 3 different goals. We will show the intense workout sessions and give a weekly report of each of there progress. This will give the community of Sioux Falls a close look at why Crossfit is one of the fastest growing training methods in the world!


Jesse Ritka is training for a FULL marathon. Jesse has ran marathons in the past and is highly motivated to crush her previous times. Keep updated with Jesse with her blog: and us.


Cody Matz is training for a half marathon. Cody hasn’t ran or trained for a half marathon before. Cody has moderate training experience and likes playing basketball is his free time. He is training hard and excited for the journey ahead. Stay connected with Cody’s blog: and us.


Krystle Kacner is training for (2) 5k runs. The first is 8 weeks for Feburary 2 and the 2nd is 8 weeks from that. Krystle has little training experience and has never run a long distance race before. She has a great attitude about training with Crossfit and we are excited to see her results improve every week. Follow Krystle’s journey at her blog: and with us.

Stayed tuned every week with these athletes and see for yourself the amazing results and accomplishments they will attain.


-Cleans (3/4 of BW)
-Bench Press (BW)
-Deadlift (1 1/2 of BW)

*BW= bodyweight

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One Response to “Watch us on KDLT News Tonight!”

  1. Chris –

    It’s good to see your blog up and running. Good luck with the tv spots.

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