Whole Foods or Supplements?


Where are you getting your daily dose of nutrients? Do you pop a mulitvitamin and your good to go? Or do you incorporate high nutrient whole foods? Such as a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Nutrients should come primarily from foods. Foods such as fruits and vegetables contain not only the vitamins and minerals that are often found in supplements, but also other naturally occurring substances that may help protect you from chronic diseases. It is well known that both men and women need fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Those who eat more generous amounts—as part of a healthy diet—are likely to have reduced risk of chronic diseases. These diseases include stroke, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer, and perhaps heart disease. Not to mention you will have more energy, feel beter daily, sleep better, and workout harder.

But just how much do YOU need? Check out this site to find out how much and why.


AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 20 minutes
15 Thrusters
21 Jumping Pullups

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One Response to “Whole Foods or Supplements?”

  1. Annie Mello Says:

    This is a real eye opener. It really shows the importance that fruits and veggie have when you incorporate them into your diet.

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