David working hard in his second WOD ever!

David working hard in his second WOD ever!

If you’ve ever checked out the “main page” or You know that thier are an unbelievable amount of resources on there. Anything from excersises and videos to inspirational videos, the CrossFit Journal which has anything and everything that is CrossFit. Theirs also the affilliate blog. Which gives you an idea what other affilliates are up to around the country.
One of our members came to us with an idea at the am class. He suggested we do something like one of our competitors in town is like a challenge of some sort over a 3 month period. We love it when you come to us with ideas. Matter a fact we’re in the process of setting up a challenge which will include the affilliate in Pierre along with an aspiring affillite in Rapid City. Keep checking our website and blog for any updates. Oh yeah, keep the ideas coming!!

400m Row or Run
10 burpees
30 GH Situps
400m Row or Run
10 pullups
20 pushups
4 Rounds for Time
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  1. This one kicked my butt last night! Way to go everyone. Awesome times on this one. Mine was as prescribed 30:05

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