Got Flexibility? Think about Olympic Weightlifting. It may be exactly what you need.

You got that right Troy!

You got that right Troy!

Would you like to increase your flexibiliy while you are doing a workout at the same time?

The olympic lifts not only increase your strength but it stretches out your body in many different ways. By becoming more flexibile, your range of motion will increase dramatically, muscle fatigue wont be as server, and you will see muscle strength increase. For example, it helps tremendously with your hip flexibility. This is extremely beneficial for the athletes that have trouble squating down all the way during wall balls, air squats, over head squats, etc. The olympic lifts force you to squat down in different positions than what you are used to.

If you perform the olympic lifts, you will not only see your hip flexibility increase but also your shoulders, hamstrings, achilles tendons, wrist, and many more.

Today’s WOD:

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