How do you explain CrossFit to people?


When someone asks you, “So tell about this CrossFit thing you are doing?”

How do you answer them?

For the longest time I have wanted to tell so much to people I sometimes end up confusing them. I think I would get so pumped up that I would say too much. Over time I have found my flow in how to explain it to them, but it did take a while.

I would love to hear your thoughts about how you explain it.

Let us know.

Today’s WOD:

July 1

2 Responses to “How do you explain CrossFit to people?”

  1. My knee-jerk response about how I described Cross-Fit is “Another day, another way to suck.”

    But the more legitimate response I give people is kind of the party line I got from reading the main crossfit site. I describe it as functional fitness. It is working your body the way your body was meant to be worked. You can do all the bench presses and curls you want but it will only only help you a little bit when it comes to lifting a section of a tree trunk from the ground to a pickup bed.

    Mostly though for me it’s a way to suck

  2. I always say that it is a kick-ass workout that combines the best of calesthenics, gymnastics, and weight-lifting. (I got that from something I read) Then, I tell them that it is killer, something new every day, and never easy, but the best thing I have ever done for myself. Oh yea, and it is like boot camp or P90X on Steroids…You know, when they try to tell me how in shape they already are, plus, it is more work and more motivating than any trainer at a fraction of the cost! 😀

    Okay, that’s what I would like to say, but I really just say I am doing this workout that totally sucks and I love it!

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