Shoes help make the Runner in You

Three shoes. Which is the best to run in?

Three shoes. Which is the best to run in?

Last weekend was a very BIG eye opener for me. Liza, Annie and I attended the CrossFit Running and Endurance Certification. And WOW it was Amazing! Anyone who runs or even anyone who CrossFit’s this is a very educational cert about how to run and train with endurance.

One of the topics I got a lot out of was learning about the correct shoes to wear. One of the reasons why a lot of runners are injured is because of the “running” shoe’s they wear.

Keys to wearing a proper running shoe:
-Flat, flat, flat: The more heel support you have the more you “heel strike”
-Light: The lighter the shoe, the lighter you are which helps with creating less force
-Know if you have a wider or more narrow foot.

Today’s WOD:

July 21<

One Response to “Shoes help make the Runner in You”

  1. ummm…i am going to go with the black one on the far right.

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