Paleo on the Go


So your pumped up and ready to follow the Paleo Diet. You read the book, CrossFit consistently, got your list of foods you should eat and are encouraged to avoid.

But, how the heck can you implement this new crazy diet in your REAL life?

What if you go out to eat? What do you do?
What happens when you didn’t go grocery stopping? What do you do?
What if you run and get fast food? What do you do?
What if you are at a party?

Life happens, we know that. We are not perfect. But at Paleoholics we are learning what works for YOU in YOUR life and if we educate ourselves and have a group for support and accountability we will succeed.

Tonight’s topic: “Paleo on the go” Bring a list of ideas and tips that have worked for you on the go. We will compile a BIG list of everyone’s ideas and tips that everyone provides.

See you tonight!

Today’s WOD:

Aug 25

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