CrossFit Takes You to Your Next Level

From her 1st day Becky goes all out each workout

From her 1st day Becky goes all out each workout

CrossFit is a method of training that offers a chance to improve everyday! To be better than yesterday. Are you just going through the motions? or… do you barely get by with what’s acceptable? Is every repetition perfect? Do you cheat yourself and the quality of your movement just to finish the workout faster?

The Real question is:

Are you giving it your all?

These are very important questions we should all consider when looking to improve on a personal level. Considering that we are never going to be perfect.

But are you raising your game enough to be better each time?

Today’s WOD:

3 Responses to “CrossFit Takes You to Your Next Level”

  1. wow- is this one speaking to me today……..

  2. Me too! Time to get away from my 3-2-1 breaks…

  3. Dad Mello Says:


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