Stronger Joints….


What is the best way to strengthen joints throughout your body?

To strengthen your joints, you need to strengthen the muscles around your joint. All the lifts that we do in the WOD are good ways to strengthen your joints, but to increase joint strength even more… The Olympic lifts are the way to go.

The Olympic lifts will increase all the muscles around the joint instead of specific muscles. The reason the Olympic lifts strengthen more joints is because you have to lift and stabilize the weight at the same time.

For example by attempting the push press you are working more of the muscles are the front portion of the shoulder, but if you attempt an overhead squat, you are working the front, back, and middle muscles of the shoulder. This is also true for the hip, knee, wrist, elbow, ankle, and all other joints throughout your body. By increasing the strength of your joints, you will also see an increase in weight in all the lifts we do in our WODs.

By: Cody Burgener

To get stronger joints and a ton of other physical benefits check out Cody’s Olympic Weightlifting class:
Tuesday’s at 4p
Thursday’s (tonight) at 6pm.

Today’s WOD:

Aug 27

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