Biggest Winner…Results just happen

Who is still feeling Monday's Dumbell Lunges?

Who is still feeling Monday's Dumbell Lunges?

Tonight is the season premiere of my favorite show on TV, The Biggest Loser.

Working out and eating right has been a passion of mine for a long time. I am fascinated with how you can change your body and your life so dramatically through fitness. I love how the Biggest Loser gives people the right perspective of if you want REAL results you have to do REAL work. So much of today’s society wants the results right away, ready made, easy and handed to you. All I have to say is lets get real!

CrossFit has a similar type of approach because are workouts are HARD really hard, but they work and they are under an hour. Nutrition is the foundation of our results. We don’t sugar coat anything. You deserve everything you work for especially with your fitness goals. We provide a REAL RAW approach to fitness and that is why are people and testimonials speak for themselves.

Just show up! Results just happen here!

Today’s WOD:

Sept 15

One Response to “Biggest Winner…Results just happen”

  1. Liza Nelson Says:

    We love the biggest loser also it is a show that really shows you how life events can take you out of your own body. For many of the people when they finally decide to focus on themselves they are already so far gone that it is a life struggle to find themselves again. It is great to hear there stories and watch the transformations occur much like my first 6 months of crossfit have been it is amazing to see how we have all changed and grown together.

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