How to Gain Flexibility through CrossFitting

Wall Squats.....How's this for flexibility?

Wall Squats.....How's this for flexibility?

Most don’t realize not only can you get stronger, leaner, and more powerful from CrossFit, you can also gain more flexibility. Doing the everyday exercises with CrossFit, can lead to phenomenal flexibility just by tweaking a few moves.

When you are doing an air squat, make sure to keep your feet hip width apart and point your feet as if it were a clock at ten and two. This allows for a deeper squat, and more flexibility in your hips. Keeping “Active Shoulders”, when doing an overhead squat, snatch, shoulder press, push press, push jerk, and clean and jerks allows for much more range of motion, flexibility in your back and also in your shoulders.

You can also do stretches with the CrossFit equipment. You can use a kettlebell to stretch out your hips, back and arms. Pullup bars and boxes work wonders for your body as well! So remember CrossFitters correct form is the key to gaining unlimited flexibility.

Where do you want to gain more flexibility with CrossFit?

-Active shoulders
-Kettlebell stretches
-Feet at 10 and 2 to allow a deeper squat with moving your hips into proper alignment

Today’s WOD:

Sept 17

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