Use your resources…aka ASK FOR HELP!


I have found that the best way to improve with any lifestyle change i.e. fitness results is knowing that you are not in this alone. Changing Habits and lifestyle is a very big deal. It is hard to hold yourself accountable by yourself. That is what makes our CrossFit community so great because everyone involved is so helpful, motivating, and accountable. The trainers are here to help you succeed! Use and abuse us…I DARE YOU to email, call, set an appointment to allow us to help YOU reach YOUR goals. Everything is in place for you to succeed…



Today’s WOD:

Sept 18

One Response to “Use your resources…aka ASK FOR HELP!”

  1. Chris and Ann…I discovered Cross Fit at a point in my life that was full of “lows”. (weight gain, family issues, etc). The gym and YOU GUYS have helped me to see that I can do anything and achieve goals!
    Thank you for being a support and helping me to become the person I want to be: Healthy and Happy

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