Eating Paleo Isn’t a Secret Anymore


Food for thought. Slowly but surely, more and more Americans are beginning to realize the importance of eating clean. We may be a long ways from ‘the majority’ eating right, but it’s good to see that there is more demand for better food. More demand for whole/organic/clean foods will ultimately make it cheaper and easier for everyone to aquire. Check it out…

Nov 4

2 Responses to “Eating Paleo Isn’t a Secret Anymore”

  1. great article – thanks for sharing.

    and look at the intensity in that picture – AWESOME!!

  2. decent article except…….Cattle do NOT eat chicken manure. Maune is considered a by product and a big NO NO in the livestock industry. Growing up and working in the ag sector I probably see things a little different, but I do agree grass fed beef is pretty good. One draw back though is grass fed beef actaully takes more “energy” and space to produce.

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