What makes a Great CrossFit Athlete?


Becoming a great CrossFit athlete, is much more than the shoes you wear:-)

Tuesday we talked about the characteristics of “What makes a Great CrossFit Coach?”.

Today’s we want to know from you. “What makes a Great CrossFit Athlete?”

Lets get some discussion going…

Nov 5

6 Responses to “What makes a Great CrossFit Athlete?”

  1. Determination and Honesty. I will finish and I will do the work – all exercises correctly, no cheating as hard and heavy as I can. Every Time!!

  2. A few things come to mind for me (things I hold myself to in order to just try to be a CrossFit Athlete).

    #1 – SHOW UP!! A good crossfiter comes to class consistently!
    #2 – Never let the “mental game” get the best of you! For me getting through a WOD is 70% mental 30% physical. I KNOW my body can do it but if I tell myself I can’t finish then I won’t. It’s just that simple.
    #3 – Don’t slack and don’t cheat! Do the right counts and use the right form.
    #4 – LISTEN to the trainers! If they say to go lower, faster, harder DO IT!
    #5 – Push yourself – Always strive to achieve that next level (no bands on pull-ups, more weight, faster times)
    #6 – HAVE FUN!! All great athletes should enjoy what they are doing – even if the WOD isn’t your favorite, have fun with it – it will help with the “mental game”.

    I’m extremely competitive with myself (some of you may be a bit surprised) and if I go through a WOD not hitting every single one of these things, I feel that I didn’t do what I showed up for.

  3. I totally agree with what the other ladies said!
    I also believe that a true Crossfit athlete has to understand balance. When life gets hectic……it is hard to make it to the gym. I personally have a hard time balancing live, the gym, and everything else. I am working to learn and improve on the fact that being stressed and pulled too thin is not good for anyone. There fore…..I am working to find balance. I know that this will make me a better person both inside and outside of the Crossfit gym!

  4. Awesome points ladies!!!

    Another extremely import aspect that comes to mind, is that a “Great CrossFit Athlete” should INSPIRE, MOTIVATE, and ENCOURAGE all other athletes around him/her!!!!

  5. I agree with all of it as well. One thing that stood out also was Jeri’s comment about the mental and physical game people can sometimes play with themselves during a workout. Always know you can do it.

    One thing I noticed is that I’ve began to take the lessons I’ve learned through Crossfit I’ve began to use in my every day routine. Set yourself goals, strive to be the best that you can, don’t expect less, be patient, have a vision, and above all eat right.

  6. Korena Chester Says:

    All very good points! I found this quote by Lou Holtz and it’s so true: “Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.”

    Everybody has ability but how you approach the unfavorable workouts (or even the favorable ones…increasing weights, decreasing bands, giving it your all, not cheating the counts, etc..) with your motivation & attitude is what will make or break you. Always remain with a positive attitude and if there is an exercise you struggle with, take it upon yourself to work on it outside of the workouts to improve yourself!!! Be determined to conquer!!

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