Scalability = Anyone can do it!


To the general public who hasn’t had the opportunity to plug into the CrossFit training program, CrossFit can appear to be very intimating (I mean 50 pullups in a row, hundreds of pushups, handstand pushups…are you kidding me!?…etc). When they step up to the plate and attend a class they will come to understand that anyone can do it because every workout and exercise is scalable. Scalable meaning you can modify the particular exercise to your adjust to your current fitness level. The intention is to become proficient at the scaled version as quickly as possible.

How do you become proficient the fastest way possible…work in a functional, varied and INTENSE platform (as fast and hard as you possibly can) and you will improve faster than you can imagine.

Describe what exercises you had to scale in the beginning and how you noticed your improvement soar.

Nov 10

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