10 Things To Believe In


Happy Veterans Day! Casey found this cool blog…check it out.

I believe CrossFit is about people and relationships. Fitness comes as a result of having great people and solid relationships in a place where the right tools are available. A gym without great people is simply a room full of weights.

I believe CrossFit selects for great people. A co-worker once wondered how a guy he knew got a ride to a distant city overnight. He said he didn’t think any of his friends would do that for him. Our response: we have a gym full of friends who wouldn’t hesitate AND they’d even buy coffee for the trip

I believe you can tell a lot about a person by how they approach the bar. Confident. Questioning. Unsure. Determined. Reckless. Cautious.

I believe you can tell even more about that person when they leave the bar. Exuberant. Angry. Self depreciating. Impressed. Proud. Contemplative.

I believe burpees were designed by the same guy who invented pantyhose.

I believe getting your diet nailed down is the hardest thing you’ll ever do. And you’ll have to do it everyday. Somedays it will be easy to make good food choices, other days it will seem impossible. It comes down to how important it is to you. If its important enough, you’ll do it and the benefits will pay in spades.

I believe we have a duty to our kids. I have a responsibility to raise them in an environment where food is fuel and not celebration, a cure for the pity pool, or something to turn to in boredom. In other words, I have to know that my view of food is all screwed up and I have to instill in my kids something different.

On the topic of kids, I believe they need to grow up knowing exercise if fun, rewarding, and its an enjoyable pursuit for life. Luckily, they get to grow up in a CrossFit gym where they are surrounded by great people, heavy weights, PR’s and all of the makings of a positive, welcoming, healthy environment.

The best gift we’ve ever received was a card that simply said “Thank You for saving my life”

Lastly, I believe in family. My family is just a little bigger these days.

Taken from CrossFit Rainer (http://www.rainiercrossfit.com/rainier_crossfit/2009/10/index.html)

Nov 11

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