Athlete of the Week

Our “Athlete of the Week” is Michael Brownfield! He works out hard everyday! He comes early and stays late. Michael is a natural athlete who is committed to getting stronger, faster and better. He is one that everyone looks up to on the whiteboard.

This man is an inspiration to all of the athletes in our community and we are lucky to have such a motivated man.

Go Mike B!

2 Responses to “Athlete of the Week”

  1. CONGRATS Michael!!! I’ve only worked out with you a couple times but each time I was amazed – your times and weight are always top notch – way to go – very well deserved!!!

  2. I knew when I first started in August and read the testimonials of the veterans that this is what I needed for my fitness goals. I am so happy the Mello’s brought CF to Sioux Falls…I just wish it would have been 5 years ago!

    I owe many thanks to Chris, Annie, Cody, and Casey. You guys do a fantastic job keeping everyone motivated and committed to their goals. You have established something pretty special here and it’s inspiring to watch everyone working so hard to reach new milestones.

    The fellow CrossFit’ers from the 530 are an awesome group to be affiliated with and I love seeing you all bright and early in the mornings. The best thing is that we all keep each other accountable…regardless of which day/time you attend.

    We are all in this battle together and each day is an opportunity to improve on some aspect of our time at the box. Keep rockin’ the WOD’s and I look forward to getting to meet the rest of the CFSF crew.

    Drinking the Kool-Aid and lovin’ it!!


    Mike B

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