What is the Hardest CrossFit Workout You Have Ever Done?

Brooks loves a good WOD

I know you Love to Hate it.

What is it?

-Filthy 50?
-That 200 burpee one we did in May?
-Have we not done it and you saw it on another CrossFit Affiliate Site?


-Too hard?
-Too challenging?
-Is it your weakness?

Tell us how you really feel.

21 Responses to “What is the Hardest CrossFit Workout You Have Ever Done?”

  1. The hardest WOD I ever did was once I did 200 pullups 300 pushups 400 situps 500 squats and then ran a mile! I think I could not move my whole body for a day !


  2. Traci Stephens Says:

    Mondays workout I have to say was one of the hardest WOD I have done.50 pull ups, 100 KB swings, 500 farmers walk, 500 walking lunges, and run on top of that…. all I know i can barley move theese legs of mine:)

  3. Mine was my very first WOD…100 squats 200 burpees!! It was a killer and left me wanting more!! I’ll never forget that. I couldn’t walk right for a week!!

  4. The sorest I have ever been was the WOD when we did 100 Thrusters and I don’t even remember what else, as I think I may have PDS from that day, impairing my memory!!! đŸ™‚

    • 100 thrusters when you had 1 minute to do pullups, squats, pushups before you could do any thrusters to count towards your 100…Brutal on the mind but so rewarding tocomplete!

  5. Anything with Turkish Get-Ups…I would also say that Monday’s workout was a killer! Oh….a lets not forget running…I LOVE T RUN……RUN…….RUN!!

  6. Korena Chester Says:

    Toughest was probably all the pullups on my first day and my stubborness to NOT GIVE UP!!! Otherwise it was something like 100 squats, 75 situps, 50 pushups, bla bla bla with 400m in between each (or maybe I’m thinking of the weight lifting stuff then the running)…cruel, cruel, cruel…but luv’d every min of it. I think that was the one we had to do 3 times through?? Mentally, never thought I could do it but I did! Was a HUGE mental game that day!!!

  7. Umm . . . TODAY’S! I thought I was going to either pass out or throw up–but it hurts so good!

  8. This may be dumb but I can honestly say that any workout that I have to count a lot is hard. Yeah, yeah, laugh if you want – but when I’m concentrating on my form and pushing through if I have to count reps over 20 I’m guaranteed to be off and probably do more than is required – which is good right?!

    I don’t remember what my first WOD was but I know that that was a tough one – not that day but the next day when I couldn’t bend my arms fully because of all the pull-ups. I recall sleeping with IcyHot sleeves on my arms for days.

    • I agree Jeri. I always lose count when I do the WOD’s, especially the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 kind. I cant remember if I am on the round with 6 reps or 7.

  9. CrossFit is easy. i don’t see what the big dealio is!! KIDDING!!!! i am like a bundle of nerves when driving to class each morning. “could this be the day I puke or passout or better yet will I hit the mother load and puke and passout simultaneously (hmmmm…that would be a sight)?” hardest workout? any workout that includes Thrusters gets my vote!!! jim

  10. The workout Beyond Burpees gets my worst vote…. but then any workout with burpees sucks. I hate burpees more than I hate workouts with running. . . and that is saying a lot!

    I also agree with Jeri- I seem to have a very hard time counting….. very hard time…….. anything over 10 gets me.

    • The counting thing is a killer…..
      Let’s see: I have to have good form, not fall over, not hurt myself or anyone around me, not pass out, not puke on anyone, AND count! No problem:)

      • so glad i’m not the only one with counting issues. i feel like i need to get one of those golf clicker things so i can keep track to my counts. now that would be funny!!

    • Korena Chester Says:

      I’m right there with you guys on counting sometimes! I get so focused and try to concentrate on form that I sometimes have an issue with the counting as well. Maybe we need to start a “Counters Anon” group!

  11. Your not the only one. I have trouble keeping track of rounds.Three rounds i can keep track of Anything with more than three and I lose track. But the hardest WOD was definitly the 100 thrusters and you had to do pull ups, push ups, and i think squats. BRUTAL!!!!

  12. Jody Gilbertson Says:

    Glad that I am not the only one who gets nervous before workouts!! Anything that includes wall balls gets me.

  13. there is a saying out there that you have to forget your last marathon before you can run your next one. That is probably similar to your hardest WOD! Need a little mental failure to be able to come back to the next one:) My first workout finished with me smashing my head on the floor after falling from the pull up rack cause I was so excited to yell “time!” Like I said, I love the battle scars, so I wrote Chris a check the next day! Really anything with burpees pretty much makes me want to cry though.

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