Make CrossFit apart of your life…Don’t let your life get in the way

A little dirt never hurt nobody!

How do you make CrossFit apart of your life?

What are some tips you would give that works for you?

Life can get crazy at times…work, family, friends, bills, kids activities, homework, holidays, no time….etc.

Bottom line is you get it done or you don’t.

So how do you do it? The great thing about our community is we support each other, learn from each other, and get better together.

We are moving into one of the busiest times of the year. It’s time to stick together now more than ever!

Let’s hear it!

4 Responses to “Make CrossFit apart of your life…Don’t let your life get in the way”

  1. Chris: This post speaks right to ME!!!!! There are so many days that staying home would be easier then finding daycare, getting ready, leaving the couch, etc, etc, etc. But I find the motivation and GO TO THE GYM. And I am so glad that I do!!!!
    In just a few short months I have found an inner strength that I never knew I had!!! I have also gained friendships, lost weight, and learned about (and continue to learn about) living a healthy life.

    So…thanks for getting me off the couch and into the gym!!!!!
    PS… pants continue to fall off:)

  2. Personally I feel an aspiring CrossFit’er needs the ability to test sacrifice. Sure you might have to skip things you are accustom too, but change takes change. Tweak your schedule and priorities and see how it works, if it doesn’t tweak it. Find the balance that makes YOU happy and lets YOU achieve your goals. Also never lose sight of short term AND long terms goals. Maybe you had a tough day or week…but look at all the people that demolished their Fran time. It’s easy to focus on what didn’t work, but that gym is full of win. I also have to remember that every day is independent, start every day fresh and treat like a chance to make a difference.

    Last but not least, remember the elite fitness community you belong to… outside influence will always question your motives, diet, and habits, who cares, you are a CrossFit’er…just smile and be proud of it. We are all making changes and making a difference in each other lives…

    No CrossFit’er ever walks alone.

    • Love this Matt! What you wrote is so true – and I’ve talked to Chris and Annie a gazillion times about this! I always used to say, “I don’t have time to go to the gym” or “I can’t afford to pay a gym membership”. Those were terrible EXCUSES! You make time and you make sacrifices. Cut out some tv/couch time, rearrange your work schedule a bit, tell your friends you can’t go out for that beer, cut your cable bill in half (or out completely) , stop going to Starbucks every morning, the “fixes” are endless. It all takes sacrifice but in my opinion sacrificing my alone time on the couch rotting my brain while watching tv and drinking a frappachino is definitely worth the sacrifice if I’m “feeding” my body at the gym while hanging out with friends that have become family, having a healthy lifestyle and teaching my child that apples are better than fries.
      Crossit hasn’t become my life but my life decisions are definitely made around being able to go to the gym and trying to live a healthy lifestyle!

  3. My love of myself greatly out weighs my love of the couch – and believe me I love my couch. It is a huge commitment to find time for the gym, but I have never felt guilty about it. My kids need to see that it is important to take care of yourself, physically and emotionally and that is what the gym does for me. I either do it first thing in the morning before I can make the excuse or pack a bag and change before I leave work – no excuses there, can’t get distracted by Oprah if you don’t go home to change. Make yourself your top priority. You only get on body and it’s gotta last you about 100 years, so treat it right and get off the couch. You’ll never regret it.

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